Our Team-CAMEL


Chief Executive Officer 

Simon Rain is one of CAMEL's founders, has 20 years of experience in the mold industry, specializing in mold designing, project management, and factory management. 

Name: Simon Rain

Email: simon@cameldie.com
Phone: +86 18923766315

Managing Director 

One of the founders of CAMEL DIE has 13 years of marketing development, customer service, and company management experience
Welcome to contact with me about any of strategic cooperation. Or any complaints about the quality and service of our product. 

Name: Leo S.Tian

Email: leo@cameldie.com
Phone: +86 18948310091

Chief Financial Officer 

Participate in formulating the company's medium and long-term development strategy and annual work plan, 10 years of finance experience; It is my pleasure to join CAMEL in 2019.

Name: Copper 

Email: sales@cameldie.com
Phone: +86-755-83440917

Project Manager

Ten years ago, I joined CAMEL as a mold designer, and now I am a project manager after managing many different famous projects from North America and West Europe. My next goal is to have a project management system be more intelligent and effective continuously, reduce the error rate and speed up manufacturing.

Name: Hedy

Email: sales@cameldie.com
Phone: +86-755-83440917

Engineer Manager


In August of 2016, I joined CAMEL Die Limited as the design leader for die-casting molds, mainly responsible for the die casting mold quotations, project development, mold design, personnel management, after-sales service, corporate design standard drafting, document management, etc.​


Name: Mankiw. Xu

Email: sales@cameldie.com

Phone: +86-755-83440917

Overseas Manager

Originally from Canada, having travelled extensively and gaiend invaluable experience in business development and sales. In the die casting mold indsutry for 10 years, working with our HQ in China. Based out of Nashville, TN for convenient travel and communcation with our current and prospective customers. 


​Name: Chris Furlong

Email: sales@cameldie.com
Phone: +1 615 968 3002

Founder Of CAMEL