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SHENZHEN CAMEL DIE LIMITED was founded in 2009, With over 12 years of molds manufacturing and cooperation with many famous companies, like GE, Boeing, Whirlpool, Harman/Kardon, Parker Hannifin, Bentley, Lotus Cars(UK), Range Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, BRP, Audi, Nissan, Honda from automotive, appliance, aerospace and casino & gaming industries. A complete and highly active project control system with effective communication in English had been developed, ensure good quality and the best lead time.

Our first factory is located in Dongguan city with 5,400 square meters of molds making a capacity of around 285 sets per year. And the second factory estimated in 2019 located in Huizhou city with 6,100 square meters to build tools & dies around 240 sets of large molds per year. Key equipment for die casting mold build including CNC, EDM, WEDM, fixtures, CMM, OMM, die spotting machine, oil temperature machine, die-casting machine (mold testing), etc.


Respecting suppliers:

Discuss the matter according to the facts. Conduct business fairly and communicate efficiently to solve any problems. Share our development goals together for a clear understanding.

if the supplier does not match our standards, they will be replaced.




Respecting colleagues:

Listening carefully 

Equal communication 

Avoiding shirking responsibilities 

Solving problems together



Respecting work:

Keeping our promise

Valuing work time

Observing professional ethics



How do we retain efficiency?

1. By focusing on doing things right the first time.

2. By planning accurately to reduce unnecessary work. 



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