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Automotive Industrial Die Casting Mold Case

In recent years, the types of die casting products in China have been diversified, including parts for automobiles, motorcycles, communications, home appliances, hardware products, power tools, IT, lighting, escalator steps, toy lights, etc. Automobiles and motorcycles accounted for 542,700 tons of die castings in China, accounting for 62.8% for hardware toys, 138,200 tons accounting for 16% the electronics industry, 101,900 tons accounting for 11.8%; and 81,400 tons accounting for 9.4% of other fields. During the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, through measures such as increasing investment in scientific research, eliminating outdated production capacity, and advancing mergers and reorganizations, the effect of optimization and upgrading of the foundry industry structure was obvious, and the industrial concentration increased, and a batch of the top 100 companies with advanced technology, management and quality emerged.


In 2014, the national output of die-casting parts was 3.0642 million tons. In 2015, the total output of die-casting parts nationwide was about 3.7 million tons, which is still maintaining a steady growth compared with 2014. Among the existing die-casting enterprises in China, the annual growth rate of die-casting production has remained above 20%, and aluminum alloy die-castings account for more than 3/4 of all die-casting production. Due to the internal optimization and upgrading of the automotive industry in recent years, aluminum alloy castings are gradually replacing gray iron castings, which continuously stimulates the growth of demand for aluminum alloy die castings. Driven by the trend of lightweight automobiles, the global aluminum alloy die casting market has seen huge demand. In the 21st century, China’s magnesium industry has developed rapidly and has become the world's largest magnesium producer and exporter. Whether it is mobile phones, computer shells, car steering wheels, gearbox housings, central control brackets, seats, and aerospace materials, magnesium and magnesium alloy products have quickly entered people’s lives and become the most valuable applications for development and one of the prospective emerging applications of non-ferrous metals.

Aluminum Die Casting Mold for

Product Parameters

Product Material: AL380

Product Size ( L*W*H ): 173.68*175.17*54.32mm

Product Size ( L*W*H ): 173.68*175.74*55.62mm

Product Industry: Auto industry ( used for top cover of auto air conditioning compressor )

In the research and development of die casting technology, the deepening of aluminum alloy die casting will still be a main direction of die casting technology development. The first part is to promote the application of new high-strength, high-wear resistance die-casting alloys, to study colorable die-casting alloys and new die-casting alloys used in castings with special safety requirements; the second is to develop die-casting with stable performance and easy-to-control composition Aluminum alloy; The third is to simplify the alloy composition and reduce the alloy grades to provide a basis for realizing green production; the fourth is to develop and apply more die-cast aluminum alloy auto parts. The following is a project we made for Volkswagen in 2013, Which is called “Front Project.”

Aluminum Casting Mold
Aluminum Casting Mold
Aluminum Casting Mold
5. Aluminum Die Casing Part
4. Aluminum Die Casing Part

From that time until now, we have been providing services to world-renowned auto companies and have been recognized by various customers as a top supplier.

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