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How To Choose A Die Casting Machine


As there are many brands of die casting machines, some of them are well-known and not so well-known. Here are a few more well-known brands of die-casting machines.
The more famous die casting machine companies in China are

LK, Yizumi, Chit Shun, Chinaxjs, Ruida, and so on.

Ligin and Yizumi have more domestic use companies,

and their brand reputations are better. 
The more famous ones abroad are Buhler, Fulai, Idra, Toshiba, Ube, and so on.
Selection principle of die casting machine:

  1. Understand the types and characteristics of die casting machines. 

  2. Consider the alloy types of die castings and related requirements. 

  3. The selected die-casting machine should meet the operating conditions and technical requirements of die-casting parts. 

  4. The selected die-casting machine should have a certain margin in terms of performance, parameters, efficiency, and safety to ensure satisfactory yield, productivity, and safety. 

  5. Under the premise of ensuring point 4, the reliability and stability of the machine should also be considered, and a die-casting machine with reasonable cost performance should be selected accordingly. 

  6. For the production scale of die-casting parts with many varieties and small production volume, under the premise of ensuring point (4), compatible specifications should be selected scientifically, so that the required varieties can be covered and the die-casting can be reduced. The number of machines. 

  7. Among the various technical indicators and performance parameters of the die casting machine, the first thing to pay attention to is the injection performance. In the case of the same or similar specifications, the model with a wide range of injection performance parameters is preferred. 

  8. When possible, try to equip with mechanized or automated devices, which are beneficial to product quality, production efficiency, safe production, enterprise management, and cost accounting. 

  9. Evaluate the effect of the selected die-casting machine, including yield, productivity, failure rate, maintenance frequency and workload, performance stability, operational reliability, and safety, etc.

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