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HPDC - Magnesium Alloy Die Casting Molds

Magnesium Alloy is the lightest commonly used structural metal. Its use in die cast parts has grown dramatically, often replacing plastic parts with greater strength and rigidity at no weight penalty. Mg alloy AZ91D is the most widely-used magnesium die casting alloy, offering high purity with excellent corrosion resistance, excellent strength, and excellent castability.


Corrosion resistance in AZ91D is achieved by enforcing strict limits on metallic impurities. Magnesium’s high cost limits it to weight-sensitive applications in the aerospace and automotive industries. Commonly used magnesium die casting alloys metals grades: AZ91D, AZ31B, AZ40, AZ41, AM60B, AM50A, etc.

 The Main Physical Of Magnesium Alloys As Below: 
●AZ91D belongs to the category of cast magnesium alloy, which has a low affinity with iron, less mold sticking, and has a longer mold life than aluminum alloy. Magnesium alloy is the lightest metal among practical metals, with high strength and high rigidity. It is mostly used in lightweight parts such as automobile instrument panel frame, wiper bracket, bicycle wheel hub, steering wheel frame, etc.
Magnesium alloy die castings are mainly processed by die casting assisted by subsequent processing, and the appearance can be changed by surface methods such as electrophoresis.

●AZ31B magnesium alloy is a wrought magnesium alloy with good mechanical properties and is mainly used for automobile parts, machine parts, and communication equipment.
●AZ40 magnesium alloy product use: engine gear casing, oil pump and oil pipe, instrument panel, gearbox body, crankcase, engine front cover, cylinder head, air conditioner casing, etc.
●AZ41 magnesium alloy has high strength and hardness, electrical and thermal conductivity, good wear resistance, and wear resistance. After aging treatment, the hardness, strength, electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity are significantly improved, and it is easy to weld.
● AM60B has high elongation and impact resistance. Steering wheels and seats on cars, etc.
●AM50A has high elongation and impact resistance. Steering wheels and seats on cars, etc.

Magnesium alloy die casting die life depends upon the part/tool design, as well as the Tool steels used. 

Commonly mold steels are used: H-13, H-13, ESR, Assab 8407, Bohler W302, and Assab 8418. etc.

Magnesium Die Casting Mold
Magnesium Die Casting Dies

CAMEL is a professional high-pressure die-casting molds (HPDC) manufacturer in China, The main products include aluminum alloy die-casting molds, zinc alloy die-casting molds, and magnesium alloy die-casting molds. From tools design & build to die casting parts pre & mass production. The main industries we support are Automotive Industry, Motorcycle Industry, Aerospace Industry, Office furniture Industry, Lock Industry, Electrical Industry, Lighting Industry, Casino Industry, Home Appliances Industry, Machinery Industry, Communications Industry, and Others.

Currently, We occupy 54,000 square feet with a workshop plant located at Huizhou City, And another plant 49,000 square feet workshop plant located at Dongguan City, China.

Quantities of Major Machines: 

  1. 15 sets of CNC Machining Centers

  2. 5 sets of EDM Machining

  3. 2 sets of Wire cutting

  4. 2 sets of CMM 

  5. 2 sets of Projector

  6. 2 sets of Spot Machine

Take care of all projects according to the mold projects management system.

Mold Project Management
  1. DFM ( 2 days)

  2. Moldflow Analysis (24 Hours)

  3. Mold Design (2-3 days)

  4. Weekly Tooling Schedule

  5. Mold Trial

  6. Mold Shipment

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