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  • Aluminum Die Casting Defects Case Study

    Automotive engine oil pan 1, defects that appear The product is an essential part of the car engine, the working environment is harsh, and it is required not to leak oil. We mainly encounter the sensor hole air holes in the production of this product that can not meet the requirements, large plane local air holes into pepper powder, it is difficult to lift. 2, the reasons for the generation 1) Oil sump is a deep cavity part, aluminum liquid from the water mouth to the water tail, the process is long, easy to produce cold material. And the sensing air hole is an isolated part, which is not conducive to the discharge of cold material. 2) The principle of product die-casting release agent is manual spraying, the amount of spraying changes every time, and there are more unstable factors, causing the product to be easily deformed. 3) Bad exhaust. 3, Solution 1) Open a slag collection bag in the sensor part to facilitate the discharge of cold material in this part. 2) Use ABB robots to ensure stable and fast spraying. 3) Open an exhaust block on the mold to get the best exhaust effect. Thermostat housing 1, Defects that occur The product needs not to show water under high temperatures and pressure, so the sealing groove of the product is required to be very strict. Product sealing slot requirements do not allow air holes, such as in production, the end of the product often appear pepper-like air holes, will cause the product scrap; and the proportion of air leakage caused by more. 2, the reasons for the generation 1) complex structure of the product, more tabs in the middle, the aluminum liquid is not smooth in the flow, at the end of the product is easy to produce rolled gas. 2) The wall thickness of the product varies too much, the smallest place is only 4 mm, but the thickest place can reach 30 mm, and it is easy to produce shrinkage and shrinkage holes in the wall thickness. 3) There is an 85 mm long sliding block on the product, which is easy to pull on and crack the product, causing air leakage. 3, Improvement measures 1) Add a vacuum exhaust device to the mold to reduce the amount of gas in the mold cavity. 2) Open a partial extrusion pin at the product wall thickness to reduce the product shrinkage and shrinkage hole. 3) Make program changes to the machine, set core extraction spraying, and spray lubrication to the oblique extraction core to reduce the phenomenon of strain and cracking. Aluminum alloy base 1, defects The problem of casting inlet buckling, buckling crack, and deformation after cooling occurs during the trial production of the product. 2, Causes of occurrence 1) Casting heat sink with the thin and narrow wall, in order to cast water tail heat sink forming good and take high speed and high-pressure molding, resulting in a large impact on the inlet port buckling die buckling crack. 2) The casting is too long, uneven wall thickness, different crystallization strength of each part, and the shrinkage in cooling have different differences causing distortion and deformation. 3, improvement measures 1) Do surface cloaking treatment at the inlet of the mold to improve the buckling mold. 2) Take vacuum die-casting, not to reduce the inner gate speed and improve the internal quality when reducing the injection speed and pressure, so as to reduce the impact on the inlet port during the injection and improve the buckling mold. 3) Adopt cooling without water spout to reduce the deformation by pulling the casting during cooling. 4) Pre-align the product in the condition of semi-cooling of the casting, when the internal stress of the product is not completely released. Gear chamber 1, Defective problem Air leakage was found during product air inspection. 2, Cause Analysis The casting structure is complex, and in order to achieve a good appearance and required strength, the filling speed is up to about 60m/s and the specific pressure is more than 820kg/cm2. Therefore, a great impact on the part shown, so that the product surface burns, sticky aluminum; at the same time, due to the large difference in wall thickness of the part, the cooling rate is not the same and will lead to shrinkage, shrinkage crack, and these defects will lead to air leakage in the product in the gas inspection. 3, solution 1) Adopt point cooling method for die cooling in the corresponding part, which increases the local cooling effect; adopt local extrusion pin process to solve the problem of shrinkage. 2) Do surface cloaking treatment at the inlet of the mold to improve the buckling die and solve the burn. The gas station connection body 1, defect problem Casting both sides of the core extraction cavity buckling injury and lamination, the fixed mold forming surface of the two fixed columns has water lines or cold separation. 2, cause analysis 1) Due to the thin and long cores on both sides, the casting is wrapped by aluminum liquid, the temperature rises quickly, causing the cores to adhere to the inner cavity of the casting, and strains when taking off the mold. 2) After closing the mold, the core and the mold with a gap, resulting in feeding, forming a flying edge, after opening the mold, the core extraction, the flying edge can not be normal off, was caught in the mold, after closing the mold, the flying edge with the core inserted, the next filling, aluminum liquid in the flying edge on both sides of the molding, forming a sandwich. 3) The two fixed pillars on the molding surface of the fixed mold extend into the mold 35 mm, and are slender, with cooling water inside the mold, the top of the pillar is closer to the cooling water channel, after opening the mold, the pillar position cools down faster, and when spraying, the mold release agent is easy to remain because of the small space in the cavity of the pillar. 3, Solution 1) Install additional cooling points inside the extractor core on both sides of the mold to take away the heat from the end properly. 2) Polish the surface of the extractor core to stick to aluminum and cloak it to prevent the flying edge from sticking. Enable deceleration, deceleration position 525 mm to prevent flying edge. 3) Open 1/3 of the cooling water at the two pillars after normal, reduce the mold temperature appropriately, and blow out the residual mold release agent in the inner cavity after spraying in the fixed mold.

  • Factors Affecting the Size of Die Castings

    Factors affecting the size of die castings are broadly the following. 1, molding compression is caused by the size of the error. Molding shrinkage is the main factor affecting the size of die castings. Because molding compression is a complex process, so the shrinkage rate has a wide range of choices. According to the external shape of the die casting and structural characteristics, respectively, select the size of each part of the appropriate molding shrinkage and determine the size of the molding, is to ensure that the die casting size accuracy of the key issues. 2, the manufacturing error of molding parts. 2.1, the molding parts of the insert, mold processing datum, and the impact of processing technology. 2.2, machining errors of molded parts. 2.3, assembly errors of molded parts. 2.4, the error caused by the slope of the molded parts of the mold. 3, the influence of fluctuations in molding shrinkage during die-casting. 3.1, the influence of die-casting molding process parameters, such as press injection ratio pressure and internal gate speed. 3.2, the effect of mold temperature. 3.3, the effect of the temperature of the die casting when the mold is removed. Die castings in the shrinkage process, broadly divided into the following three stages. a, liquid shrinkage, after die casting, still in the liquid metal liquid temperature reduction caused by shrinkage; b, solidification shrinkage, in the cooling and solidification process, the metal liquid from the liquid to solid crystallization stage shrinkage; c, solid shrinkage, metal completely solidified when the crystallization is completed stage and out of the mold body shrinkage. In die casting, because the superheat temperature of the metal liquid is not high, so the volume shrinkage in the liquid shrinkage stage is not large; shrinkage in the solidification stage, although larger, but is completed in the mold forming parts, and therefore by the molding parts, especially the core of the resistance limit. When the die-casting die temperature decreases and can reach the temperature of the mold, die castings from the mold body, only after the free shrinkage state, that is, the solid-state shrinkage stage. This shrinkage process has continued until the die casting reaches room temperature before the basic end. Therefore, it can be said that the temperature of the mold of the final shrinkage of the die casting plays an important role in determining the amount. 4, the error caused by the phase time movement of the structural parts. 4.1, mold closing errors. 4.2, the movement error of the side-drawing core and the movable core. 4.3, the error caused by the precision of the die-casting machine and the instability of the process performance. 5, punching error. 5.1, molding parts by the impact of pressure injection deformation caused by the error. 5.2, forming parts surface by the metal liquid or impurity erosion generated by the error. 5.3, subject to pressure injection stamping, template, or forming parts to produce elastic deformation or plastic deformation and the formation of forming part of the size error.

  • Design for Die Casting Mold of Middle Shell Side Gating

    1, structural process analysis of die casting 1.1 The reasonable choice of materials used in die casting. Aluminum alloy because of its good die-casting performance, specific strength, and specific stiffness is high, high and low-temperature mechanical properties are also good, its surface has a dense oxide film, and certain corrosion resistance and in the production of die castings are used in large quantities, widely. 1.2 The minimum wall thickness of the die casting is 3mm, and the minimum wall thickness is also by the process requirements, and the 3mm*54mm rib on the two long sides, 8mm*4mm rectangular hole, R4mm flange, etc. are also by the requirements of the die casting process. 1.3 Because of the strong affinity between aluminum alloy and iron at high temperatures, it is easy to bond with the pressure chamber, and the die-casting mold design should use a cold chamber die-casting machine as far as possible. 2, the choice of parting surface According to the middle shell for the long frame hollow parts, both sides of the long side have different side convex, step, small rectangular hole structure characteristics. The die casting parting surface of this die casting, except for the horizontal parting between the moving die and the fixed die, is chosen in the upper face of the shell, and the forming of both long sides needs to adopt the lateral parting mold structure form (i.e. the form of lateral core extraction of the inclined pin slider). 3, the determination of the pouring system Due to the thin wall thickness of the four sides of the intermediate shell and the difference between the plant and width dimensions, to prevent cold separation and ensure the thermal balance of the mold, the pouring system uses side gates. The molten alloy is pressed in simultaneously from both ends of the long side of the casting, and a larger overflow slot is set at the part where the metal liquid meets or is likely to produce eddy currents. A larger overflow slot can be set both exhaust role and can set slag and conducive to the thermal balance of the mold. 4, the choice of die-casting machine The middle shell is no insert die-casting, can choose horizontal cold room die-casting machine, according to the actual production of enterprises to choose the appropriate die-casting machine, to meet the actual production requirements. 5, die-casting mold forming parts working size calculation and determination By die-casting alloy comprehensive shrinkage rate list data can be seen: aluminum alloy shrinkage rate in the free shrinkage rate of 0.50%-0.75%; hindered shrinkage rate of 0.40%-0.65%. After separate analysis and calculation, it is determined. 6, die-casting process protocol The process protocol is mainly to determine the process parameters of die-casting production. Die-casting production process parameters mainly include die-casting with new, old material reasonable ratio (old material is impossible to abandon, new, old material unreasonable ratio will affect the material performance and shrinkage rate), determine the die-casting production process protocol, equipment, the correct use of paint (because it has the role of improving the working conditions of the mold, improve molding conditions, improve the quality of castings and extend the life of the mold and essential), etc. 7, die-casting mold assembly design There are two structural options in the design of die assembly. Program one: die-casting forming castings, the shape of the inner cavity mold forming part are designed into the form of the overall structure; program two: forming castings, the shape of the mold work parts are designed into the set, set block set combination of structural form. After analysis and comparison, although program one uses less material, good strength, short processing cycle, but the mold manufacturing accuracy is difficult to ensure that the mold damage and wear are not easy to repair. While the second option increases the use of alloy steel, the processing cycle is extended, but the precision of the working parts of the mold is easy to ensure, and the size adjustment of the working parts of the mold and the wear and damage formed after a certain period of production is also convenient to repair and replace. In the assembly structure of the mold, the fixed mold insert and the fixed mold insert of the fixed mold part are set into the fixed mold plate in the form of grouping. For the moving side, the moving die insert and the moving die insert are inserted into the moving template in a group. The die plate is made of medium carbon steel. The working parts are made of hot work die steel for die casting, the strength, and processing accuracy of the die can be guaranteed, and the adjustment of each forming size is also convenient. Because the hollow shell of die casting has long sides of rectangular holes, flanges, convex tendons, and other structures respectively. So both sides need to use different slider structure forming, tilt pin core parting, wedge tight block locking lateral forming form. Considering the thin wall thickness around the middle shell, and the size of the overflow groove has been enlarged, so pushrods are set on the overflow groove and the cross sprue, and 8 rectangular sheet pushrods are set on both sides of the long side of the die casting to ensure the smooth and synchronous launch of the overflow groove, cross sprue and die casting. The mold is reset by the reset rod to push the pushrod fixed plate to reset.

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  • die casting manufacturers and suppliers in the world |

    Die Casting Manufacturers In The World Die casting molds are an important part of the mold field. Common die-casting molds include aluminum alloy & zinc alloy & magnesium alloy molds, which are mainly used in LED lighting, industrial equipment, automobiles, engines, machinery, aviation, ships, communications, medical, electrical, Furniture, and other fields; ​ The die-casting market is mainly distributed in India, China, the United States, Italy, Poland, New Zealand, and other countries; we have listed the following hundreds of die-casting companies for you and will continue to update. Free Quote & Part Analysis → Regensburger Druckgusswerk Wolf GmbH Ouvrir le lien The family business was founded in 1933 in Regensburg. The Wolf Group manufactures aluminum die cast products according to current quality standards and required certifications. Among the company's product portfolio in addition to the automotive and electronics industries include agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, machinery and structural components. Due to the wide range of customers and a high equity ratio, the Wolf Group sees itself as a crisis-proof partner for its customers with high flexibility. This allows the customer to be offered a qualified consulting for quick and customer-specific solutions. In addition to its headquarters in Regensburg, the company operates plants in Storaljajhely (Hungary) and Zhongshan (China), which offer customers a unique market advantage. HZD C Druckguss Havelland GmbH Ouvrir le lien HZD C Druckguss Havelland GmbH building fittings up to sophisticated surface parts C we bring your ideas into shape and manufacture your zinc die-cast articles according to your requirements! APPPEX GmbH Ouvrir le lien APPPEX GmbH offers you a comprehensive range of services from a single source C from rapid tooling and rapid manufacturing to complete service. In addition, you can purchase products such as die-casting moulds, prototype tools or prototype castings from us. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, an economical production of small and large series (injection moulds, plastic injection moulding sands and prototype injection moulding tools) is possible. Angstrom Voss GmbH Ouvrir le lien For fifty years we, Angstrom Voss GmbH, have been giving our best to produce all kinds of chill mold and die cast parts for you with excellent procurement.At our Finnentrop-Heggen site, our 40 experienced employees ensure the acknowledged high quality of all production steps and cast parts.All types of components, from raw castings and machined parts to complete assemblies, are part of our product range. With complete solutions it is possible for us to offer you just-in-time deliveries. Asian Automation Ouvrir le lien We have a team of 40 well experienced and highly qualified engineers we are serving number of reputed clients present in Textile, Automotive, Aerospace and other engineering industries. Inclusive of Our Product Range:- Pressure Die Casting dies & castings, Hot chamber Zinc casting Dies & castings, Gravity casting dies & Castings, Plastic dies & moulds, Rubber dies & moulds, Press Tools and precision machined components. DRM METALS Ouvrir le lien We are manufacturer of quality Aluminium Alloy Ingots. Our company situated at Coimbatore (India) was conceived in 1989 under the title of D.R.M.Metals. The company was initially associated with trading of Non-Ferrous metals. King-Best Ouvrir le lien King-Best specializes in designing diverse molds, die casting, aluminum alloy die-casting, zinc alloy die-casting and polishing. The main products are fog lights, reflective base, motor housing, rearview mirror parts, Auto shock absorber, Battery box for laptop, barbecue furnace parts, gardening accessories, metal accessories, sanitary equipment, etc. LIAN CHANG Ouvrir le lien LIAN CHANG is a specialist manufacturer of Aluminum, Brass, Zinc alloy die-casting products and die-casting Molds design manufacture. Upon over 30 years experience and the techniques and have full confidence to serve you with top quality and most competitive price. LIAN CHANG is able to provide finished castings, machined, drilled, tapped, vibration or polishing, chromate, painted and molds design and manufacture to your specifications. Buchanan Global Ouvrir le lien Of distribution and warehousing experience for manufactured custom OEM components for multiple leading original equipment manufacturing companies, Buchanan Global, Inc is dedicated to designing, developing, importing and distributing quality products at the best value possible. Weeco Industry Ouvrir le lien To operate the manufacturing and distribution of hardware products. Steel Machine Equipment & Spare Parts For windows and doors, made of steel material. Zinc alloy, brass, stainless steel and aluminum with a commitment to produce quality products. Alloy Cast Pvt Limited Ouvrir le lien We are in the field of high pressure die casting for more than forty years. Our specialization is manufacturing of Rotors, and intricate aluminum and zinc castings. Our team is well trained to give final shape to your idea. It is this very commitment that has brought us this far. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is our goal, and we leave no stone unturned to achieve the same. Mesha Engineering Industry Pvt. Ltd. Ouvrir le lien The Die casting division established in 1990 in Bangalore, began as a captive unit manufacturing high precision aluminium castings and has grown into a top-line industry offering a wide range of Pressure die casting part in aluminium and zinc alloys, The division is based in Bangalore and is equipped with latest technology in high Pressure Die Casting process for a capacity of 1200 Metric Tonnes per annum. Alucomps Engineering Co Ouvrir le lien Alucomps Engineering Co. was established in the year 2001 as pressure die casting manufacturers in Aluminium & Zinc Alloy. Total dedication, concentration, involvment, hardware, determination and above all, the Almighty's blessings bestowed opportunities to expand our activities further to Dies and Tool manufacturing, machining of components and surface treatment on finished casting & assemblies. SASVK Ouvrir le lien Our Speciality is Fasteners and Casting parts for automotive Industry and other induestries. D.C. Engineering Industries Ouvrir le lien Manufacturer of high quality precision components of aluminium and zinc alloys. Sand casting, Gravity die casting and high pressure die casting. Manufacturer of precision dies and tools since 1959. LaFrance Corp Ouvrir le lien Our industry experts recommend materials, proven finishes, and proper mounting feature designs, giving you the confidence you need to make integral project decisions. If needed, we provide on-site support at build locations to ensure seamless assembly. Halcast (Pty) Ouvrir le lien Halcast (Pty) Ltd are established Manufacturers of Excellence utilizing Pressure and Gravity Die Casting. Halcast (Pty) Ltd is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of expertly engineered pressure and gravity die castings, in Brass, Aluminum and Zinc base metals.Halcast specialises in small component die casting which services a diverse range of industries including motor, electrical, manufacturing and engineering. Dr. Dinesh & Ramesh Engineers Ouvrir le lien Dr. Dinesh & Ramesh Engineers Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1979 as a Private Limited company in Vatva, Ahmedabad (Gujarat) India. We are manufacturers of aluminium castings of various grades, sizes and weight ranges varying from 0.5 kg to 100 kg in permanent mould Gravity Die Casting and Low Pressure Die Casting. Olson Aluminum Castings Ouvrir le lien Olson Aluminum Castings is a custom sand cast foundry producing industrial grade, pressure tight and leak free castings with superior machining properties and surface finishes. We offer some of the shortest production lead times in our industry on a consistent basis.We provide customers with solutions to challenging casting requirements, prototype programs and casting engineering along with high quality, timely pattern start ups. Barron Industries Ouvrir le lien Since 1983, Barron Industries is a unique, full-service manufacturer of ferrous and non-ferrous precision investment castings, rapid prototypes, machined components, fabrications and assemblies. One of the first investment casting companies to receive AS9100 Certification, we are also NADCAP Certified for our Non-destructive Testing. With our in-house NDT and metallurgical lab, Barron is uniquely positioned and qualified to provide high-end castings for Aerospace, Defense, Oil and Gas, Tool and Die and other critical applications. Jigar Foundry & Engineering Ouvrir le lien We are one of the largest Manufacturer of Aluminum Casting, Gun Metal Casting, Phosphorus Bronze Casting, Brass Casting and Cast Iron Casting, Phosphorous casting rod and bush, Metal alloy and Sand casting.We are one of the largest Manufacturer of Aluminum, Gun Metal Phosphorus Bronze, Brass Metal alloy and Sand casting. Based at Vapi- Industrial town in Gujarat. ACME Casting Ouvrir le lien ACME Casting Co., Ltd. is a well-experienced Gravity Casting Parts Manufacturer in Taiwan, has been specializing in Die Casting, Aluminum Alloy and Zinc Die Casting for over 30 years. We provide Gravity Casting Parts on Automobile Parts, Motorcycle Parts, Machine Parts, Wing Fan and Machinery Accessories. Besides, Aluminum Alloy Casting and Die Casting Parts on Wing Fan, Electrical Accessories and Auto Parts are also available. Please feel free to contact us if you are searching for reliable Gravity Casting, Die Casting and Aluminum Alloy Manufacturer. Mira Engineers Ouvrir le lien We produce the Pressure Die Casting with Range of 80 Ton to 350 Ton and with Capacity 15g to 2kg of components. Our Monthly production is 5 lakhs components BCB s.r.o. Ouvrir le lien Since 1999, BCB has specialised in high pressure die casting and gravity casting processes. Totalling over 10,000 square metres, our two units in Galanta in Slovakia combine cutting-edge technology, know-how and technical skills to meet the specific needs of our customers in a broad range of sectors that include: automotive, electric motor, pump, gear motors, furnishing, gas industries and electrics. ALFINITI Ouvrir le lien At ALFINITI, we believe in innovation without boundaries, and we are always ready to put new knowledge, technologies and production techniques to intelligent use to create competitive advantage for our business partners. Custom aluminum extrusions, Custom aluminum tubes, Custom Aluminum Products, Custom assemblies, complex products, versatile applications no matter what your challenge, we can design a solution for it. Epcor Foundry Ouvrir le lien Epcor Foundry, a division of Seilkop Industries, Inc., offers comprehensive medium to high volume aluminum sand castings & prototyping, automotive castings & finishing services. We specialize in quality and flexibility, providing raw or finished green sand castings including highly cored leak tight aluminum castings, rapid prototypes, high speed horizontally parted moldings, and highly automated production aluminum castings. Hitachi Metals Ouvrir le lien Hitachi Metals America's Casting Products Division consists of two main companies and four production plants.The two companies are AAP St. Marys Corp. and Hitachi Metals Automotive Components, USA LLC Rico Ouvrir le lien Rico is a world-class engineering company supplying a wide range of high precision fully machined aluminum and ferrous components and assemblies to automotive OEMs across the globe.Rico integrated services include design, development, tooling, casting, machining and assembly across ferrous and aluminum products. India Europe Al Ouvrir le lien India Europe Al is a product placement management team having presence in Europe & India. We offer standard as well as customized engineering components & assemblies.Already supplying the components to Electrical industry , Sanitary industry, White industry, Machinery, Automotive, Ship building industry & Construction industry. AIT Machinery GmbH Ouvrir le lien We offer our customers a wide range of quality materials to choose from, such as Free-cutting steel,Corrosion-resistant steel (VA),Alloyed and non-alloyed steel,Heat and cold resistant steel,Grey cast iron (GG), spheroid graphite cast iron (GJS), steel (GS),Aluminum and cast bronze, aluminum and zinc die casting. Alupress AG Ouvrir le lien For more than 45 years the company Alupress AG has been recognized as a die casting specialist. Through continued development of the company and various acquisitions over the past few years, today we are active in manufacturing, processing and assembly of complex aluminum die cast parts, with locations in Brixen (I), Hildburghausen (D) and Laurens (USA). Wang Pai Precision Die Casting Ouvrir le lien Wang Pai Precision Die Casting Co., Ltd. provides secondary processing services: sandblasting, CNC processing, milling machines, tapping, stamping processing, metal baking paint, electroplating coating, finished product assembly, packaging and other consistent operations.The main precision die-casting aluminum alloy die-casting, zinc-aluminum alloy die-casting products 3C parts products, automobile and motorcycle parts, electronic peripheral consumables, mechanical hardware parts, power tool parts, gas valve parts, medical equipment, electronic peripheral consumables, hand tool die-casting and other diverse projects. Aurangabad Electricals Ouvrir le lien A global 'Full Service Supplier' of aluminium cast and machined components for 2&3 wheelers, passenger cars, HCV, LCV industry and an upcoming exporter of auto components from India.Our eight state of art manufacturing facilities spread over western and northern India manufactures a wide range of Die Cast (HPDC & GDC), High Tensile Fasteners and Electrical Components. SS DIE CAST SDN BHD Ouvrir le lien Since the year of its inception in 1990,SS DIE CAST SDN BHD has consistently endeavored for achieve sustained excellence in every sphere of its business. Though, we started as supplier of ALUMINIUM DIE CASTING , we have diversified to ZINC die casting ,recently. And this has borne rich dividends both in terms of customers satisfaction and company revenue.Aluminum Die Casting Equipment that delivers excellence.Die casting aluminium is our forte and our cold-chamber die casting machines are typically used to conventionally die cast components using aluminium alloys.In order to achieve high productivity and good dimensional accuracy , we at SS DIE CAST SDN BHD are furnished with: 160 TON MACHINES 250 TON MACHINES, 280 TON MACHINES, 400 TON MACHINES, 500 TON MACHINES, 650 TON MACHINES, 800 TON MACHINES. Industria Metalli Ouvrir le lien The company occupies an area of 38,000 sqm of which 25,000 indoor dedicated to manufacturing and 13,000 outdoor are for green area and pedestrian walk ways.Aluminium high pressure Die casting process Castings weight from 0.5 up to 30.0 Kg.Secondary Aluminium alloy production capacity up to 8000 Tons of casting wight per year.Production Facilities: 16 die casting robotized cells from 700 up to 3300 Tons.Process with degassing, vacuum system, heat treatment, shot blasting, deburring and trimming, machining works and assembling. Indian Diecasting Industries Ouvrir le lien Since our inception in 1965 we have fabricated more than 1000 highly sophisticated Dies and sold millions of diecast components to renowned manufacturers of Aluminium And Zinc Die Cast Components, Aluminium Diecast Metal Clad Plug And Socket, Customized Aluminum Zinc Zamak Die Cast, Aluminium Die Casting Component, Aluminum For, Electrical Conduit Fittings, Automobile Zinc Diecast Part, Decorative Lighting, Bath Room Fittings Customer: Parko, Two Wheelers 01, Industrial Equipments, Fuel Pump, Decorative Lightings, Oil Pump Parts, Lock Barrels, Metal Component, Machine Component, Bath Room Fittings Customer: Roca, Engine Parts (Lombardini & Mitsubishi), Auto Electricals, Auto Locks, Snaps Developed Parts, Duplicating Machines, Electric Switchgear, Electro Cardio Graph Machine, Electric Steam Iron, Fan Parts, Water Filter Parts, Fuel Pumps, Oil Pumps, Refrigerators Parts, Two Wheelers, Industrial Parts, Dash Board Instruments, Auto Ignition Gas Stove, Die Cast Components, Engine Parts, Electric Switchgear & Metal Clad Plug, Refrigerator Components, Metal Cams, Washing Machine Parts, Carburetor Parts, Thermostats Components, Voltmeter/Ammeter. Kingcasting Hardware Ouvrir le lien Dong Guan Kingcasting Hardware Co., Ltd. is a dedicated manufacturer of high-quality aluminum and zinc die casting products. Utilizing advanced production equipment as well as industry leading die casting methods and experience, we provide customers with outstanding die casting solutions. Over the years, KingCasting has s uccessfully developed 137 sets of die casting molds for customers. Botou Junteng Casting Ouvrir le lien Botou Junteng Casting Co., Ltd. is located in the west of Botou City which covers the area of 30,000 square meters including the production area 15,000 square meters, The fixed assets are 1 million US dollars. There are 30 workers at present including 8 skilled workers and 2 engineers. NEPTECH EQUIPMENTS AND SERVICES Ouvrir le lien Neptech Equipments and Services has established a very good business in marketing Top Quality Used Branded Die Casting Machines Like Toshiba, Buhler, Toyo, IDRA, UBE, Italpresse, Zitai and Frech. Neptech motto is not just selling Used Die Casting Machines in " As is " condition, it also gives After Sales Service Support to their customers which includes Installation & commissioning, Spares Sourcing, Automation & updating Used Machines to latest updated PLC Controls. Tian E Die Casting & Engineering Ouvrir le lien Tian E Die Casting & Engineering, introduces as one of the growth oriented Manufacturer and supply of Aluminium pressure Die Castings, Gravity Castings, Plastic Injection moulding and Die Manufacturing. aluthea Ouvrir le lien Fundi??o de Evora is our aluminium high pressure die casting foundry located in Evora, 130km from Lisbon airport by motorway. Wei Heng dei casting Ouvrir le lien Weiheng die casting have been supplying die casting parts to wide range of industries for 20 years.All of our aluminum die casting parts are wildly used in automobile,telecommunication,medical etc. We provide all required secondary operation,such as machining, painting, plating and assembly.our customer do not worry about any extra performing after receiving cargoes. Castmax (M) Sdn Bhd Ouvrir le lien Castmax (M)Sdn. Bhd. (Company) is a manufacturer of aluminum alloy and zinc alloy die-cast products. The Company was incorporated in Malaysia under the Company Act 1965 as Private Limited Companies.The factory cover-area is about 23000 sq. which located in Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia which is 15 minutes drive away from Subang Terminal airport. Fort Recovery Industries Ouvrir le lien For over 70 years, Fort Recovery Industries has quietly taken pride in our customers success. Our cost-competitive, quality die cast components and assemblies make our customers products more durable, marketable, and profitable. More importantly, our responsiveness makes us an integral part of their team. Thats why we believe our customers success speaks for us. Put Fort Recovery Industries responsive innovation to work for you. TANFEL Ouvrir le lien With our Headquarters in Carlsbad California, Tanfel has been a leading provider of custom metal parts since 2008. We focus on stamping, extrusion, casting as well as CNC machining. Our competitive edge is derived from our ability to deliver high quality parts at globally competitive prices all from a single source. We are your complete metal parts provider and supply chain solution. Global Tek Manufacturing Ouvrir le lien We specialize in machining parts from wrought, rounds, castings or extrusions and providing in house anodizing and other finishing and assembly operations as required to meet your specifications. We provide 3, 4 and 5 axis machining of prismatic parts and 9 axis mill turning. Our casting supply chain can offer up to 2000 Ton castings in aluminum and magnesium and up to 850 Tons in Thixomolding. TyTek Industries Ouvrir le lien Our full service start-to-finish solution means you can dramatically lower the cost of aluminum, zinc and magnesium die casting. Prosna Ouvrir le lien Prosna specializes in the Global Sourcing of precision OEM metal components. These components can be machined from castings, forgings, metal stampings, or bar stock. We have been sourcing precision OEM components around the globe for over 50 years. G.W.P. Manufacturing Services AG Ouvrir le lien Tool-intensive processes for small to medium lot sizes: die casting, plastic injection molding and alternative processes according to your specifications. Throughout the process, we are therefore in close dialogue with you to offer the best production methos to meet the requirements in relation to the number of units and finish. Martinrea Honsel Ouvrir le lien Continuity and innovative strength shape the history of our company, which company founder Fritz Honsel began writing more than 100 years ago. Over the years, we have been able to translate customer wishes and requirements into innovative processes and products. Today, we are a recognized development and series partner of the automotive industry. At our locations in Germany, Spain, Brazil, Mexico and China, we manufacture aluminium components for the engine, transmission, chassis and body work of passenger cars and commercial vehicles as well as mechanical engineering and other applications. Bock 1 GmbH & Co. KG Ouvrir le lien With decades of know-how and technical competence we have meanwhile evolved to a high-performance family-owned company which expanded successfully for several times since 1991.Besides our 8.5 ha head quarter in Postbauer-Heng (Bavaria) we have production facilities in Thuringia, Hungary, Canada and China. Julius Schuele Druckguss GmbH Ouvrir le lien The Schuele Group leads the field in terms of?technology and quality?when it comes to the production of high-precision die casting parts for renowned manufacturers and system suppliers in the international automotive sector. Our foundry looks back on more than?60 years of company history?and has a workforce of over 800 employees.?Innovation?and?know-how?determine the company's succes G.A.Roeders Ouvrir le lien Finds the best solutions, who can bring together seemingly contradictory. G.A.Roeders is a company with a long tradition, which makes full use of the latest manufacturing technologies. Metal and plastic are here not opposites, but useful supplement: a supplier of die castings of aluminum and zinc, and molded parts made from plastic. Small enough for flat hierarchies and short distances. Large enough for difficult tasks. BREITFORT DRUCKGUSS GmbH & Co. KG Ouvrir le lien We offer our customers complete solutions. This goes from the mechanical processing of the cast parts to surface finishing to the assembly of assemblies including procurement of the purchased parts and innovative packaging solutions. ERBA Ouvrir le lien Founded in 1989, our company in the last year, one of the surface treatment machines and processing equipment by increasing the production area and product range in the field of the world's leading firms of Turkey to the largest manufacturing facility and has been the company has the widest product range. Bruschi Ouvrir le lien We are an all in one solution supplier: Experts in zinc die casting since 1948. Zinc die casting design requires precision and technical skill. In Bruschi you will find this conjunction with the best services to develop the best components for your products. A deep knowledge and a lot of experience is essential components to obtain high-level results using the best zinc die casting technologies. Discover our services and applications Connor Corporation Ouvrir le lien Connor Corporation is an engineered products company based in Fort Wayne, IN, manufacturing components and sub-assemblies for automotive, truck, appliance, industrial, consumer electronics, and medical applications. Our global manufacturing network of forging, casting, machining, metal injection molding (MIM), powdered metal, and rubber molding factories produce components made from steel, aluminum, zinc, brass, copper, and rubber. Wrex Products Ouvrir le lien Wrex Products, Inc. Die Casting Department converts over 50,000 lbs. of aluminum and zinc ingots into product each month.Aluminum and zinc alloy die castings are an attractive alternative to other materials. By using the natural properties found in these alloys, the extra cost and time required to add their characteristics to other materials can be avoided. We cast these alloys in weights ranging from 0.01 to 12 lbs. SHAWNEE Ouvrir le lien We are an ISO certified, sole source supplier for all of your zinc die cast, aluminum die cast, and die cast related needs. Shawnee Specialties has been given many awards by Whirlpool and our other customers for quality and on-time delivery. Our PPM plant wide is considered World Class by industry standards. STRATTEC Ouvrir le lien Our global reach, via our VAST Automotive Group, and our own global design and manufacturing locations empowers STRATTEC to deliver world class solutions to virtually all leading Automotive OEMs and other industrial customers throughout the world. SUDHAUS Ouvrir le lien Our long-established company since 1844 already provides constantly new developments and innovations. For our clients we are a reliable and competent partner for the industry.Our areas of expertise are Development, tooling, plastics, zinc die casting, polishing, surface engineering, punching and bending technology and assembly. TRAF ZN Ouvrir le lien As a dynamic and innovative company, TRAF ZN has become a symbol of trust, quality and dynamism in casting industry.Our objective is to provide an excellent customer service to our partner. Shin Long die casting Ouvrir le lien Shin Long die casting supplier was founded in 1975 with a factory space and land area of 18,500 square meters. Our core business includes precision die casting, aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, CNC precision machining, etc. Secondary business is aluminum forging and aluminium gravity die casting. Not only as a professional aluminum die casting factory, but we also excel in various metal machining. Viet Thanh Company Ouvrir le lien Viet Thanh Company is one of leading die casting companies in Viet Nam. The company operates in the fields of: Aluminum & zinc high pressure die casting, processing and surface finish. It was established in year 2007 as a zinc die casting and then developed into Aluminum & zinc die casting, with over 12 years. Blaser Casting Ouvrir le lien We specialize in aluminum and zinc die casting/composite, plastic injection molding and more. Our capabilities include Casting & Electroplating & Machining & Injection molding? & Investment casting & Mold making & Powder coating & Stamping Microcast Technologies Corporation Ouvrir le lien Specializing in Aluminum & Zinc Die Casting, Machining, Assembly and other Plating Services for Telecom, Marine, Military and LED Lighting Industries. Our Services include Engineering and Prototyping, Aluminum and Zinc Die Casting,Plastic Injection Molding, Sheet Metal, Stamping, Plating,Painting, Pad Printing, Silk Screening, Machining, Assembly, Testing,and Inventory Management. PECO Ouvrir le lien With nine horizontal and vertical machining centers, we are uniquely positioned to provide secondary operations for die cast parts or small to medium sized production runs. We import your design files into our Mastercam programming environment and provide expert assistance in complex fixturing that will make your part repeatable and manufacturable. PT. Multifortuna Asindo Ouvrir le lien PT. Multifortuna Asindo is a holding company who is one of the owners of PT. Surya Toto Indonesia (TOTO), Indonesia's leading sanitary wares company. Including Copper Alloy (Brass and Bronze) products, such as coupling, floor strainer, floor drain, hydrant box, water meter body, gate valve, ball valve, y-strainer, etc,Suitable for Water, Oil, or Gas industries.We can make virtually any parts to any shapes with zinc materials, please visit our Zinc Die Casting page for more information.We are also able to supply any other industrial products and parts that are made of Brass, Bronze, or Zinc with competitive price and to deliver in a timely manner. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have. Castaway Components Ouvrir le lien Castaway Components is a manufacturing company that specialises in zinc spin casting and pressure die casting. We are based in Cape Town, servicing not only the Western Cape but also the rest of South Africa. We believe in creating quality products that exceed the expectations of our clients and form the basis of lasting relationships with them. Merital?Metal?Industries Ouvrir le lien Merital Metal Industries knows the importance of zinc and for that we are specialists in zinc recycling, recovery and production with long experience over 30 years.We are Egyptian share holding company and our facilities located in 6th october industrial city on area about 15000 square meters.As a zinc producer with a long tradition we are able to offer you a broad variety of products for several applications like zinc ingots, zamak, zinc oxide, zinc ash and zinc dust to serve many industries like Galvanization, die casting, Brass, pharmaceuticals , Ceramic, Rubber, glass, Paints, Agriculture and Feed additive. NAKAZAWA DIE CASTING Ouvrir le lien A name which is well respected throughout the zinc die casting industry as the world's foremost authority in precision die casting parts. With a history stretching back to as early as 1941, the Nakazawa Group has an unrivaled depth of knowledge and experience in this field. CWECO Ouvrir le lien Commerical Washroom Equipment Company (CWECO) is a leading company in the area of bathware products. CWECO features contemporary concealed mounted bathware and combines the quality of plated Zamak with simple to install exposed mounted hardware. Nimet Maden Corporation Ouvrir le lien Nimet Maden Corporation is one of the leader firms in the manufacturing and trading of high quality zinc alloys, zamak, zinc die casting parts CT SOURCING Ouvrir le lien For over 46 years, we've provided engineering assistance and cost reduction strategies for everything from prototypes to high production parts. Our quality foundries serve customers throughout New York, New England, Ohio and Pennsylvania with excellent quality, delivery and competitive pricing. We'd like to help you with solutions for your casting design challenges. Zinkteknik Ouvrir le lien Combining zinc parts with injection-moulded plastic is nothing new and that's what many companies do. However, Zinkteknik is the only company in the world to use PolyZink?, an innovation that has ushered in an entirely new way of thinking for constructors, product developers and designers. ANDtech Die Casting Ouvrir le lien ANDtech Die Casting Industries have Gained Success In The Market By Manufacturing And Trading A Remarkable Gamut Of Die Casting Components, Flour Mill Part, Air Filter Parts, Terminal Box And Pump Part. We Are A Well-known And Reliable Company That Is Incorporated In The Year 2015 At Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India). Our Offered Products Are Manufactured In Compliance With The Pre-defined Industry Norms And Tested To Ensure Their Flawlessness. We Are A Partnership Firm That Is Managed Under The Supervision Of Our Mentor "Mr. Niranjan Patel" And Have Gained Huge Clientele. SSOSS Cast Ouvrir le lien SSOSS Cast offers a wide range of Casting, machining and finishing services on precision aluminium or Zinc die castings and plastic injection moulding. Utilizing innovative tool designs and technology, we are able to produce up to 2.8 kg per shot weight on large precision zinc die castings while holding tight tolerances that are among the best in the industry. Whether you require prototypes, low or high volume production quantities for OEM applications, SSOSS Cast offers dependable international delivery of your die castings and plastic moulding needs while adhering to ISO 9001 quality standards. Sigma Electric Ouvrir le lien Sigma Electric is proud to be the trusted supply chain partner of global leaders in market segments such as electrical, lighting, industrial, power tools, process instrumentation, appliances, and telecom. We work closely with each customer to help them meet the challenges of a highly competitive business environment forging long-term partnerships in the process. Our world-class manufacturing and engineering capabilities along with excellent supply chain management and customer service have established Sigma Electric as a premier manufacturer and preferred supplier of customers around the world. Forest City Castings Ouvrir le lien Forest City Castings specializes in quality aluminum and zinc castings, in house mold making and custom CNC machining, providing our customers with turnkey service. We maintain an industry recognized reputation for quality, service and on time delivery. Our skilled trades personnel offer a full spectrum of capabilities for cast and machined parts. This includes CAM engineering services, molds, casting, custom machining, and machine fixtures. Our system makes it possible to save delivery time and cost by processing a job directly from data to hard tooling, from raw casting to machined and finished parts. CMP GROUP Ouvrir le lien CMP GROUP has continued to focus on the development of new innovative alloys and casting techniques, which has enabled the company to expand its product and alloy range to not only include zinc and aluminum anodes, but also a wide range of magnesium anodes. The Casting Company, Inc Ouvrir le lien We provide our Engineering Group and OEM customers with the best quality work at the best price, at the facility that is most appropriate for their needs. We represent specialty foundries and precision machining shops that fit within the niches of our expertise, and meet the standards needed to deliver quality products, such as Medical Surgical Tools,Industrial Security Components,Process Control Components,Aerospace Hardware Components,Small Arms Weapon Components,Automotive Control Sensors,Telecommunication Components. Viking Products Ouvrir le lien From small cold formed parts to large castings, our expertise and experience in manufacturing, materials, product design, and our global reach ensures you will receive a part on time and at the best price.We have the capability to produce either prototypes or long-term production. US Aluminum Castings Ouvrir le lien US Aluminum Castings is a precision aluminum casting supplier located in Central Washington State. As a full service foundry, we offer multiple casting processes as well as in-house heat treat, machining, powder coating, and NDT. Our castings are used in defense, aerospace, heavy truck, marine, and commercial applications. With flexible lot sizing and in-house tooling, our foundry is capable of delivering industry leading aluminum casting solutions specifically tailored to our customers�� needs. J&S Chemical Ouvrir le lien J&S Chemical is a global organization focused on continually formulating only the most technologically advanced chemicals, from a variety of different lubricants to application specific chemicals. J&S offers a broad range of products through 12 distribution warehouses and representation in more than 26 countries. We are focused on manufacturing consumables for the Foundry (Die Casting) and Metalworking (Metal Cutting) Industries. AL Johnson Company Ouvrir le lien AL Johnson Company (ALJ) is a producer of precision aluminum and zinc castings and a pioneer in the use of the rubber plaster mold process since 1954. We service customers in a wide variety of leading technology industries such as biomedical, telecommunications, computer peripherals, guidance and navigation. Cast Components, LLC Ouvrir le lien A company with 100 years of experience in Engineering and Manufacturing Precision Zinc Die Castings.Talented and Creative engineers ready to assist with the entire project, from component concept through finished productIn-house tool and mold building capabilities allow for reduced cost and lead-time on your project. Burr-Off Ouvrir le lien We serve many industries including aerospace, hydraulics, machine tool, appliance, aluminum die casting, agriculture, power tools, automotive & recreational vehicles, tool & die, construction equipment, transportation, dentistry, zinc die casting, government & any other machined parts. Along with deburring we also provide quality assurance services to ensure your product meets your specifications. Future Engineered Products, Inc. Ouvrir le lien Specializing in fineblanking, stampings, rubber molding, zinc die castings, castings, plastic gears, hinges and screw machined parts. Brukar Inc Ouvrir le lien Brukar Inc. is an offshore contract manufacturer of metal castings and fabricated components including but not limited to: investment, die and sand castings,forgings,machined components,formed, drawn and stamped parts,weldments, assemblies,sub-assemblies,plastic injection molded parts. Leech Industries Ouvrir le lien Established in 1948 as Leech Tool & Die Works, Leech Industries has become a full service manufacturing company, offering a wide range of services to a diverse group of customers. DuBose Ouvrir le lien DuBose Industries, Inc. provides high-quality products and superior service to the OEM, Wholesale and Retail markets since 1993. We are headquartered in Clinton, NC and have 15 sales offices in the U.S. along with a full staff of engineers and equipment in our Chinese metrology lab. We offer our customers a bilingual staff with considerable international experience. Scalar Manufacturing Ouvrir le lien Scalar Manufacturing is a manufacturer and manufacturer's representative offering the following products:3D Printing,Die Casting,Metal Stamping,Printed Circuit Board Fabrication,Semiconductor Packaging,Box Builds,Flex Circuit Assembly,Plastic Injection Molding,Product Assembly,Sheet Metal Fabrication,Cable Assembly,Flex Circuit Fabrication,Printed Circuit Board Assembly,Rubber Injection Molding,Wire Harnessing IQ-Enterprises Ouvrir le lien IQ-Enterprises (IQE) is a premium manufacturing firm, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and in China. Established in 2004, IQE supplies high quality and competitively priced custom high-pressure aluminum die castings and custom zinc die castings. In addition, we also manufacture aluminum permanent mold castings and aluminum sand castings. IQE also provides secondary operations, such as machining, assembly, plating, anodizing, E-coating, painting, printing, etc. IQE serves in Consumer Electronics, Automotives, Lighting Industry (lighting fixtures), etc. Our parts are used by Emerson, Toshiba, etc. Ritchey Metals Ouvrir le lien Zinc Base Casting Alloys and Hardeners & Alloys and Shapes for the Zinc and Tin Electroplating Industry & Alloys and Shapes for the Hot Dip Zinc Plating Industry & Aluminum Casting Alloys Glocon Ouvrir le lien Glocon manufactures castings in aluminum, zinc, bronze, brass, steel, stainless steel, and other alloys. We can manufacture a variety of components from fully machined sand castings (with cores) to very complex shapes in high pressure die castings. In addition to casting, we have extensive capabilities in other metalworking areas, including full secondary finishing. SPECIALIZED CASTINGS Ouvrir le lien As a supplier of Aluminum Castings to the manufacturing, foundry and tooling industries, we bring 65 years in combined experience that helps us understand our clients' needs. Cast and Engineered Products Ouvrir le lien Cast and Engineered Products specializes in aluminum and zinc die castings, machining, deburring, finishing, assembly and contract manufacturing.CEP offers complete engineering services and fully integrated manufacturing solution from design concept, tooling, machining to finishing and assembly backed by years of skill, dedication and knowledge. CMS Casting Ouvrir le lien Since 1984 CMS, Inc. has been a Supplier of Castings, Machined Application & Stampings to Industries throughout the USA. We also support our Clients with: Extrusions, Forgings, Powder Metal, Weldments, Wire Forming plus Squeeze Cast applications. Our Associated Companies are ISO Certified and are Equipped with the most updated Technology to be competitive within their area of expertise. Custom Industrials Company Ouvrir le lien We provide Die Castings,SemiSolid Castings,Shell Castings,Permanent Mold Castings,Sand Castings,Investment Castings,Centrifugal Castings,Prototype Castings. NMF Ouvrir le lien We select only the ideal domestic metalcasting supplier for your needs. In addition to sourcing castings, we also provide consulting services for foundries. Our background in sales, quality control, and engineering within the foundry industry makes us the ideal source for consulting services. Control Plastics & Metals Ouvrir le lien Over 70 Project Sales & Manufacturing Engineers are here to help you every step of the way.We Manufacture Your Custom Metal & Plastic Needs. SHIUH SHING ACCURATE FACTORY Ouvrir le lien SHIUH SHING ACCURATE FACTORY CO., LTD. established in Taiwan in 1974 specializes in zinc die casting and plastic injection services, from zinc casting molding and injection molding, to small zinc die casitng parts and small precision injection molded plastic parts manufacturing.With over 40-year die casting and plastic injection service experience and capabilities, SHIUH SHING equipped with in-house professional teams overseeing the projects, production facilities and equipment, is strongly capable of providing one-stop made-to-order manufacturing services to our clients worldwide from different industrial fields. Roots Cast Private Ouvrir le lien Roots Cast Private Ltd (RCPL) is part of Roots Group, which was established in the year 1984, specialized in manufacturing of Aluminium / Zinc based alloy Pressure Die Casting and Gravity Die Casting components to Automotive, Aerospace, Textiles, Healthcare, White goods and other Engineering industries.RCPL has in-house tool room, design and machining facilities. This helps RCPL to understand the customer expectations from the stage of ideation and therefore arrive at optimal solutions. Ecoshinn Ouvrir le lien Ecoshinn has an experienced manufacturing team committed to delivering customers products of the highest quality. By inducting and utilizing 3D drawing software CAD/ CAM, Ecoshinn is capable of precision design and reliable production, including various OEM products, computer parts, electric parts/ electric equipments, communication appliance, automobile/ motocycle parts, etc.. ASIA Products Ouvrir le lien ASIA Products made a humble beginning in 1995. Today, the company has four factories covering approx. 70000 square feet of area.ASIA Products caters to diversified range of products and services encompassing industries like Automotive, Hardware, Plumbing and Electrical.Our factories are specialized in Aluminum Pressure Die Castings , Zinc Pressure Die Castings, Brass Gravity Die Casting, CNC Machined Components. Druckgie?erei Formen- und Werkzeugbau GmbH & Co. KG Ouvrir le lien The foundry - Formenbau & Werkzeugbau Siegfried Muller GmbH - has been active as a specialist for zinc die casting since 1948 in the production of cast parts and assemblies. Siegfried Muller Zink-Druckgie?erei manufactures high-quality zinc die-cast parts and assemblies using the die-casting process. Our focus lies in the areas of zinc die casting, tool construction, mould construction, cast parts, die casting parts and assembly manufacturing. We are specialized in components for medical and electrical engineering, components for plant construction and mechanical engineering. Our range of services includes surface finishing, polishing technology, sand blasting, punching and barrel finishing. Eagle Sales and Engineering Ouvrir le lien Since 1984, Eagle Sales and Engineering has built a solid reputation for high quality investment castings, die castings and brass forgings. With a ��whatever it takes�� attitude and by leveraging our manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico and mainland China, Eagle Sales and Engineering is your partner for quality, consistency and competitive pricing EMCO Ouvrir le lien EMCO is a U.S., family-owned and operated company that has become a superior supplier to major OEMS in the U.S.A., Canada, and Central America. We specialize in both domestic and international manufacturing of Conduit Fittings & Accessories. We produce in all metals and materials including Steel, Aluminum, Zinc, Brass, Copper, and Non-Metallic substances, including PVC and Nylon. SEI Ouvrir le lien SEI was started in Campbell, California in 1990 and is a division of Senah, Inc., a California corporation. SEI is dedicated to serving the growing number of requirements for lower priced production quantities of higher frequency microwave components and connectors as well as increasing the availabilityof the more standard products. Dynamic Reproducer Ouvrir le lien Dynamic Reproducer is a high-volume, cost efficient, precision zinc alloy die cast manufacturer located in Spartanburg, South Carolina but has clients throughtout North America. Dynamic Reproducer specializes in a die casting process call InterCast. This die casting process produces movable assemblies in a single operation. US Magnesium Ouvrir le lien US Magnesium is a world leader in the production and management of primary magnesium through its active participation in all major aspects of the industry: technology, refining, electrolysis and recycling MAG-TEC Casting Corporation Ouvrir le lien Mag-tec Casting Corporation offers full services in the die casting of magnesium, aluminum, and zinc. With die casting machine sizes ranging from 600 to 1000 tons, we can provide you the customer, products that range from just a few ounces up to 16 lbs. ForceBeyond Ouvrir le lien ForceBeyond features globally integrated manufacturing resources. Our structure attains the ideal balance of superior quality and cost efficiency. With locations in the USA, Mainland China, and Taiwan, we feature our proven processes that incorporate the latest production technologies and quality assurance procedures. Our engineering, design and development expertise allows you to partner with world-class manufacturers for engineered parts and components.Our casting & forging solutions include die casting, investment casting, hot forging, cold forging, sand casting and high precision CNC machining etc. ForceBeyond offers cutting-edge parts and components, engineered precision parts and components to industries including automotive, food dairy, machinery, medical, plumbing, watering, mining, petrochemical, chemical, electrical, aerospace, submarine and others. id-casting Ouvrir le lien Foundry leading on the French market and among the European TOP 5. With 200 years of cumulated experiences, the ID Casting Group is preparing for the future by cultivating its values. Aristo-Cast Ouvrir le lien Aristo-Cast is your award-winning investment casting source. In addition to a virtually unlimited selection of alloys, ferrous and non-ferrous, we now offer magnesium for your ultralight weight casting applications. We have the ability to provide same-day precision castings in all alloys, in both prototype and production quantities. Our original additive manufacturing methods for lost-wax casting includes 3D scanning and in-house tooling for the fastest delivery and highest quality. Our certifications are numerous and include ITAR. Quaker Houghton Ouvrir le lien Quaker Houghton makes the leading process fluids on the market serving the automotive, steel finishing, heavy equipment, aerospace, tube and pipe, and bearing manufacturing industries. Advanced Prototype Molding Ouvrir le lien With over 40 years of experience in the Industry, Advanced Prototype Molding has the expertise to efficiently complete your project on time and under budget. Conveniently, Advanced Prototype Molding is proficient in several molding techniques including:Injection Molding,Rapid Prototyping & 3D Printing,Cast Urethanes & RTV Molding,Rotational Molding,CNC Machined Parts,Lost Wax Investment Casting,Die Casting CPM Industries Ouvrir le lien Since 1960, CPM Industries has been a leading provider of Metal Castings in ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Our state-of-the-art Pattern Shop and Machine Shop, together with our network of casting suppliers, help us to provide quality castings with shorter lead-times. Our technical team can work closely with your engineers to help create a cost effective casting design and guide your product from concept to finished parts. Let CPM Industries help you with your Metal Casting project. Accu-Die & Mold Ouvrir le lien Since 1991, Accu-Die & Mold has delivered high quality dies and molds and specializes in design and manufacture of die cast tooling for a variety of markets. The company is known for its quality and innovation throughout the die cast industry. We are a full service company offering engineering, design, construction and inspection of aluminum and magnesium die cast dies. To supplement more than 25 years of experience in die-casting, Accu-Die & Mold has added nearly 200 more years of experience and talent in tooling design and construction. We��ve attained unprecedented recognition in the die-casting industry. TEMC Ouvrir le lien TEMC Has Been a Part of the Foundry Industry for More Than 30 YearsTEMC Has Been a Part of the Foundry Industry for More Than 30 Years Pyromation Ouvrir le lien Pyromation began operations in 1962 and is one of the leading manufacturers of thermocouples, RTDs, PT100s and thermowells in North America. As an ISO 9001-registered company, Advanced Manufacturing Firm and Lean enterprise with an onsite NVLAP-Accredited Metrology Laboratory (Lab Code 200502-0), the Fort Wayne, IN-based operation's team members are invested in providing the best solution for each customer's application. Pyromation produces a variety of temperature sensors and assemblies in both standard and custom designs, which can be found on equipment and in process applications in the chemical, petrochemical, power generation, food & beverage, dairy, plastics, heat-treating, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, aerospace, biomass, metal processing, rubber, mining, HVAC, water & wastewater, incineration and many other industries in North America and around the world. Pacific Metal Works Ouvrir le lien With competitive manufacturing plants located in low cost regions, Pacific Metal Works is an award-winning metalworking supplier to global automotive and non-automotive industries. We have a proven track record of helping our customers build competitive advantages from the long-term value creation through our vast global network of manufacturing capabilities and physical logistics. Based on deep functional expertise and industrial knowledge, we can save 15%, on average, for materials and services which usually make up 60 to 80 percent of a product's cost. Laserax Ouvrir le lien The largest smelters in the world rely on Laserax marking machines for the traceability of semi?finished castings. Effectively replacing printed labels and inkjet printing, our reliable machines create permanent identifiers and high-quality logos without impacting the production pace. All over the world, Laserax is the only company that provides laser marking machines ready to be integrated onto conveyors in the metals industry. Glaser-Miller Ouvrir le lien Glaser-Miller is your connection to a stellar line of OEM component manufacturers serving a wide range of industries from Building Products to Medical Devices to Military Hardware to Telecommunications. We help OEM customers from New York to Georgia with prototypes through high volume production. We can evaluate your designs to cut manufacturing problems, improve quality and reduce cost. We can also help you select the best manufacturing process to produce your components. Castool Ouvrir le lien Exco Technologies Limited, Castool parent corporation, is a multinational group of 17 companies with more 6,600 employees. It is a major technology provider serving the extrusion, die casting and automotive industries in the global market. Castool is now known as Castool Tooling Systems and employs 168 employees at its two locations in Canada and Thailand. Scandinavian Link Components Ouvrir le lien Scandinavian Link Components is a sales office for a number of European companies that manufacture mechanical metal and steel components. Furthermore, we can help and provide our customers with DFM product optimization; From prototypes to serial production. Our Partners that we collaborate with use - in their production of components - unique as well conventional production methods;from prototypes in magnesium, aluminium and zinc (Quick Cast and Quick Die), to Block Mould (a unique precision casting method), to MIM (Metal Injection Moulding), to pressure die casting of magnesium, aluminium and zinc, and production of Refractory Metals (Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum and Niobium). R&S Design Ouvrir le lien With over 30 years experience, we have the knowledge and network to take your project from Start to Finish. Whether working from original concepts or with existing designs, our expert in-house development team will bring your part from concept to prototype, and your die cast to a workable, production-ready mold. TSUKUBA Ouvrir le lien Manufacture, sales, die-casting, processing, surface treatment, painting, sub-assembly, etc. of aluminum, magnesium, and zinc alloy die-cast products.Design, manufacture, and sales of die-cast dies Ohio Aluminum Foundry Ouvrir le lien Ohio Aluminum Foundry is a leading producer of complex aluminum castings using dry sand, green sand and permanent mold processes. MRC Ouvrir le lien MRC is ready to help, with resources in the US and abroad, time-tested relationships you can rely on, and dozens of capabilities, including Complete product assembly,Electromechanical assembly,Sub-assembly,Plastic and metal component manufacture,Domestic resources,Offshore sourcing.With 20+ years of experience with our manufacturing partners and product integrators, MRC has an established track record of delivering what our customers demand: technical expertise, dependable relationships, and responsive service. MENNA Casting Ouvrir le lien We produce dies and die castings in Aluminium and Magnesium. We assure a careful management,precise distribution and punctual delivery.Our activity is distributed and embodied in many different expressions of ingenuity. At present the sectors of application are numerous, and growing. Seipo corporation Ouvrir le lien All factories are the same, People are different Seipo is the premiere contract manufacturer, ideal for all project needs ????Rapid time to market Uncompromised quality while being mindful of production cost Extensive expertise offered while providing full costumer control Instant project tracking and seamless communication 24/7 Who we are Seipo corporation is a Texas based contract manufacturer with facilities in China and office and warehouse in Houston USA. Established in 2005. We will meet your needs in initial prototype builds, rapid scale up ramps for initial market launch, and full-scale manufacturing. Our focus is on innovative products and specialized in shortening the time between development time and manufacturing. From our humble beginning in 2005, we now have clients that range from small businesses to the world-renowned enterprises like Google and Microsoft. With a full staff of industrial design, R&D, manufacturing and quality engineers, we continuously improve quality, lead time and customers satisfactory. Seipo specializes in customized manufacturing for die cast alloys, injection molding plastics, and sheet metals. Handy Tech Group Ouvrir le lien Handy Tech Group, Inc. is a successful Manufacturers Representative agency that specializes in the technical sales of Custom engineered solutions for noise, vibration, shock and thermal control,Industrial thermal insulation products,Die castings & investment castings,Metal stampings, springs, Custom and standard mechanical hardware (latches, locks, slides & hinges) Schweizer Group Ouvrir le lien The Schweizer Group is a leading provider of aluminium and magnesium components. We are specialists for die-casting and machining applications that meet the highest precision and cleanliness demands.We are a valued supplier to large automobile manufacturers, component suppliers and renowned companies in other sectors. Learn more about us �C the company that produces components for the future of mobility.The core of our philosophy is a project management strategy that sees the customer as a partner. This means close and effective cooperation, from the planning phase through to the series production of components ready for assembly. Drumwell Ouvrir le lien Drumwell Ltd. established in 1984, we provide one-stop-shop services from conceptual design to finished goods production, shipping and logistic to world-wide companies, we are reputable with experiences and good track records. We Drumwell Ltd. is a leader in providing world-class metals, plastics and electronics product from its modern state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, including �C but not limited to �C CNC parts, components, mould and tooling, casting, plastic injection moulding and electronics manufacturing �C all to the client��s own design.Has manufactured in China for 30 years �C far longer than its competitors �C and cannot be beaten on experience. C & C Bark GmbH Ouvrir le lien C & C Bark GmbH was founded in 1986 to focus exclusively on the manufacture of magnesium die cast parts for a wide range of applications. Our passion and expertise enable us to master the entire production chain, from design through casting to machining and finishing. Our employees have an un-paralleled knowledge of magnesium and its capabilities, with a deep understanding of how to produce quality parts for our customers. Adarsh Ouvrir le lien Adarsh Australia is a WA owner-operated manufacturer and importer of component parts.We are geared for short to long runs, have very fast turn-around at high quality - and we're the local price leaders. AM srl Ouvrir le lien AM srl sets up a new magnesium hot-chamber die-casting department by buying 4 highly automated Canadian machines supplied exclusively to Europe. It transfers Colico (BS) production plants to the subsidiary in Cluje (Rumania) thus increasing its effectiveness and production capacity.AM srl implements still further the Rumanian factory setting up a tampography department and a new powder-painting line. It combines the group��s two magnesium die-casting departments in a single department in the Crocetta del Montello (TV) production site. ​ Ouvrir le lien Prifer Group is at the service of the manufacturing industry, offering multi-level and global solutions.We are an industrial Group, headquartered in Aveiro (Portugal) and with global presence, focused on providing our clients with the best turn-key industrial solutions.Present in more than 10 countries, our solutions covers Engineering & Development, Molds, Die Casting (Aluminium & Zamak), Plastic Injection, Metal Transformation and Components Assembly, and Surface Engineering.All these solutions are performed in-house, through our state-of-the-art production technologies and highly skilled team. Giant Union Industrial Ouvrir le lien Giant Union Industrial Co., Ltd was estiblished in Jan. 1989, a leading die casting mold maker in Taiwan, we are specialized in designing and fabricating the high quality die casting mold for both the overseas market and domestic market. Leggera Ouvrir le lien Leggera Technologies is a full service provider from initial conception thru product design, testing and final production, we design and manufacture the quality products you need. We deliver superior value to our customers through innovative magnesium processes and world class manufacturing. VIETNAM HTMP MECHANICAL CO., LTD Ouvrir le lien WELCOME TO HTMP, IS YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER ON PRECISE MOLDS AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS MAKING Formkon Ouvrir le lien Formkon manufactures prototypes, special parts and small series and focus mainly on aluminium and magnesium components.Using the traditional casting methods �C die casting and plaster mould casting �C and the most recent technologies in CNC processing and 3D printing, we are proudly producing the components for the products of the future. We have done so since 1985 and based our activities on competent counselling, fast delivery times and correct quality.Formkon is a 100% privately owned Danish company with its head office in Skive. We are a globally oriented company and generate a significant portion of our turnover in export markets. AMA Ouvrir le lien American Manufacturers Agency AGMMA MOLD INDUSTRIES Ouvrir le lien AGMMA, The Galician Group of Mould makers, Die-casting and compatibles was founded in September 2003 and it is formed by 18 companies located in Galicia, in the northwest of Spain. AGMMA has a productive capacity of 600.000 hours, 500 employees and an annual turnover of 40 million euros. COMEST Ouvrir le lien Leading company in the field of die casting dies manufacturing for aluminum and magnesium, COMEST was founded in 1968 near Bologna by Mr. Tiziano Rossi. The company is specialized in the design and manufacturing of small-medium and large dies up to 60 tons, for die casting machines up to 4400 tons. The facility is extended over an area of 8.700 m2, with a fully equipped workshop as well as technical, administration and sales departments.COMEST is specialized in die casting dies for the automotive sector from aluminum powertrain parts (engine blocks, gearboxes, clutch housings, cylinder blocks, cylinder covers, oil pans, automatic transmission cases) and structural parts (support frames, front shock tower) from aluminum alloys to magnesium components (cross car beams and front end carriers). Allite Inc Ouvrir le lien We are based in the United States, with offices around the world, and we offer a full line of SUPER MAG? services and capabilities, including the creation of proprietary patented and custom alloys and groundbreaking forging, extrusion, and die-casting technologies. Advanced Metal Castings Ouvrir le lien Better, Faster, Cheaper Manufacturing American Precision Castings Ouvrir le lien American Precision Castings provides unique, innovative solutions for prototype casting and low-volume production, pouring non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, magnesium, zinc, brass and bronze. Our castings are produced using green sand, and air set-sand and low cost permanent mold processes. DACO Ouvrir le lien DACO designs and builds all different types of tooling, including: Aluminum die cast, plastic injection, thermoset plastic molds. They also design and build all different types of stamping dies including progressive and secondary tooling. Mercury Ouvrir le lien Mercury family of patented aluminum alloys, Mercalloy?, marks an evolution in the industry. This new generation of high-ductility alloys is engineered for safety in critical and high-fatigue applications. Mercalloy delivers unequaled value in both price and performance. Suitable for both high-pressure die casting and permanent mold casting processes, the Mercalloy family of alloys opens the door to a world of engineering possibilities. ARC Group Worldwide Ouvrir le lien ARC Group Worldwide, Inc. (OTCM: ARCW) is a leading global advanced manufacturing service provider. Founded in 1987, the Company offers its customers a compelling portfolio of advanced manufacturing technologies and cutting-edge capabilities to improve the efficiency of traditional manufacturing processes and accelerate their time to market. In addition to being a world leader in metal injection molding, ARC has significant expertise in prototyping, advanced tooling, automation, machining, plastic injection molding, lean manufacturing, and robotics. ARC's mission is to bring innovation and technology to manufacturing. Star Auto Solutions Ouvrir le lien Since we have been in the industry for 30 years, we fully comply with maintaining a quality of various engineered products; along with timely delivery of the same. Our 4 machining and sheet metal plants are fully integrated and we also delve into supplying of products like Rubber Moulded Parts, Plastic Moulded Parts, Die Casting Parts, Sintered Parts, Automotive Springs, Sheet Metal Parts, Automotive Parts, Gaskets, Pipes and Tubes, Fasteners apart from Machined parts. AP Enterprises Ouvrir le lien AP Enterprises offers an array of manufacturing services, including plastics, sheet metal fabrication, die casting, silk screening, printing, custom machining and much more. POOJA METAL PROCESSORS Ouvrir le lien After more than 3 decades of continuous growth, POOJA METAL PROCESSORS (P) LTD, an ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001:2015 is one of the highly recognized manufacturer and exporter of Electrical Stampings (Stator Stacks, Die Casted & Machined Rotors) and Aluminium Pressure Die Cast Components. GAJJAR DIE CAST & ENGINEERS Ouvrir le lien The GAJJAR DIE CAST & ENGINEERS manufacturers of Aluminium Components, Spares for sizing & warping machines, precision spares, product designing, vertical machining Centre Jobwork, pressure & gravity die casting dies, Injection moulds for plastic articles. Since the inception, our products have been satisfying the needs of customers across the world in industries like Engineering, Textiles, Auto, Lighting and many more. In this business, our prime objective is to leave a lasting impression of our quality in the minds of our esteemed clientele. We have set our priorities to institutionalize continuous improvement in production, quality, marketing, sales, logistics and finally on export activities so as to enable us to improve the quality of the products as a whole. ALUDYCO / MULTI TECH Ouvrir le lien ALUDYCO / MULTI TECH is a young and dynamic organization, a trusted engineering partner for all your DIE CAST & MACHINING solutions. GENCOR PACIFIC AUTO ENGINEERING PRIVATE LIMITED Ouvrir le lien Gencor Pacific Auto Engineering Private limited was found in the year 2010, the core experience of Gencor Pacific Auto Engineering team lies in aluminum pressure die-casting and machining Watry Industries LLC Ouvrir le lien Watry Industries has grown from a small facility, started in 1957 by Mr. Nic J. Watry, into one of the most automated, high-tech, permanent mold foundries in the industry. Watry is located in Sheboygan Wisconsin on the western shore of Lake Michigan just 2 & 1/2 miles east of I-43. Watry currently encompasses 271,800 square feet and owns land for future expansion to the existing plant. Processes offered are CAD Design for molds, fixtures, and specialty equipment for secondary operations, building of this tooling and equipment, permanent and semi-permanent mold casting, heat treating, precision machining, powder coating, pad printing, and sub-assembly, all performed in house by Watry. Bengal Quality Metal Products PVT LTD Ouvrir le lien Our founder based in USA, has over 25 years in casting and manufacturing experience. Our highly competent office/management staff work on site to insure your orders are produce on time, to spec, and in budget. DACC International Pvt Ouvrir le lien DACC International Pvt. Ltd is a Leading manufacturer of zinc and Aluminium based alloys with strong market share of Zinc based die casting components. We have an industrial experience of 47 years, with manufacturing of high purity grade alloy ��Zamak�� and Aluminium. The great satisfaction and appreciation of our esteemed customers is the real asset that we have preserved within this long period. Golden Pond aluminum die casting Ouvrir le lien Golden Pond aluminum die casting manufacturers was founded in 1947, one of Taiwan oldest aluminum alloy die casting manufacturers. We offer superior aluminum die casting technology, services and custom design for OEM /ODM. ASIA TECH CAT Ouvrir le lien ASIA TECH CAT was established in the Year 2009. It is a private company manufacturing wide range of patterns, Aluminium castings and machined engineering components, situated at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, INDIA. Our range of Patterns , Aluminium and Aluminium alloy castings with CNC make, for a wide variety of applications for industries like Oil,Gas,Pulp,Power,Mine, water,food processing, automobile and other general engineering industries. PMB di Bugatti Ouvrir le lien PMB di Bugatti is based in Lumezzane (Brescia), and has specialised in aluminium die-casting for over 30 years. The strengths of our company are our considerable expertise, and our flexibility in managing the entire production cycle. Shreeniwas Casttech Industries Ouvrir le lien Shreeniwas Casttech Industries is based in Pune, Maharashtra. Established in 2013, our company has emerged as a trusted supplier within a short span of time. Our foundation is based on a trusted and reliable group of people who work together to cater to the Aluminium Die Casting needs of various industries. GGI Ouvrir le lien For decades GGI has been a leader in providing low to medium volume castings & sheet metal components to the global marketplace. We are committed to maximizing the value of every part for our customers.GGI serves a variety of industries that benefit from over 30 years of experience finding solutions to both simple and complex manufacturing challenges. We add value not just in secondary operations but throughout the process. From the time we receive the RFQ our team is looking at how we can make the best most cost effective part within your requirements. R T TECHNOCAST Ouvrir le lien R T Technocast is a customer focused company that specializes in producing industry specific products of unparalleled quality. Our area of expertise lies in manufacturing, marketing and supplying a wide variety of products including Aluminium Sand Casting Parts, Aluminium Forging, Aluminium Extrusion, Aluminium Machining Parts, to cite a few. Maximizing customer satisfaction is what we focus on which is why we charge nominal amount for our offerings and make timely delivery services. Fourth largest city of Indian state Gujarat (India), that is also best known as the Industrial Town of this state, Rajkot is where we are settled in. Challenge Hardware Inc Ouvrir le lien Challenge Hardware Inc. have been manufacturing and exporting OEM / ODM metal & plastic components for many years. We is a high quality Metal Forging Parts and Metal Stamping Parts Manufacturer in Taiwan, has been specializing in CNC Machining, Precision Casting and Plastic Injection Molding for many years. We provide Robotic Welding Service, Cold Forging Service, Aluminum Die Casting, Zinc Die Casting and Zinc Alloy Service with superior quality. ASIAAN METALS AND ALUMINIUM CASTING PVT.LTD Ouvrir le lien Aluminium ingots, Aluminium castings, Pressure die casting(HPDC), Gravity casting(GDC), Machined aluminium components, Machining Die Casting Ganga Technocast Ouvrir le lien Founded in the year 1987, Ganga Technocast is the industry leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Trader firm exhibiting strong dedication in development of premium grade Casting and Sheet Metal Parts. The quality oriented ethos allows pioneering growth to enter our organization in form of a wide gamut of best in class products, such as Aluminium Bobbins, Cast Iron Casting, and Iron Casting Parts. Our products are outcome of a sustainable culture which equips us to bring forth user friendly product designs and beneficial attributions of robustness, precision engineered fabrications, excellent strength, rust resistance, fine finish, easy to fit and highly durable service life. Icon Alloy Cast Ouvrir le lien ICON ALLOY CAST manufactures aluminium high pressure die casting and aluminium low pressure die casting products in its aluminium die-casting production plant located in Rajkot-Gujarat, India. With more than five years of casting manufacturing experience, annually and continuously increasing production capacity and export turnover, ICON ALLOY CAST supplies more than one hundred different aluminium die casting products to its clients in automotive, electronics, industrial goods and furniture industries. ALCION CASTING Ouvrir le lien ALCION, we are an Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting Company, with experience in this sector since 1957, located in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos), in the north of Spain, a region boasting excellent transport links.Our building consists of 3,500 m? on a 33,000 m? plot, with the potential of expanding. Our team consists of 60 highly committed personnel. VOSTERMANS Ouvrir le lien Vostermans Companies is an international family business, which originated in 1952. Our various activities have expanded considerably over the years and are housed in Vostermans Ventilation and Vostermans Alu Foundries. Our focus and dedication towards innovation and development has enabled us to �� together with our customers �� shape the future of ventilation and aluminum casting. tadirgan-group Ouvrir le lien As a full service supplier of premier magnesium and aluminum high-pressure die cast (HPDC) products for the automotive industry, ORTAL is widely acknowledged as a trusted partner for the global automotive market.ORTAL Magnesium Diecasting is a technological leader in the high pressure die-casting industry for both magnesium and aluminum products. We have the ability to offer the entire die-casting process in-house from start to finish, and to deliver total die-casting solutions with two LIGHT alloys. Special Metals Supply Ouvrir le lien Special Metals Supply originally opened as Manufacturers' Representative Agency back in 1959. Initially working in wrought metals, we have since expanded our areas of expertise and work with all types of metals, including aluminum and zinc. RPM Engineering Corp Ouvrir le lien RPM Engineering Corp. is an off-shore manufacturer of original equipment parts. We have over fifty years experience with off-shore manufacturing and specialize in several types of metal forgings and castings such as permanent mold casting, die casting, squeeze casting, sand casting, investment casting, machining, stamping as well as custom plastic and rubber production. DualSonic Ouvrir le lien DualSonic is a world class leader in the design and manufacturing of electronic enclosures and mechanical parts. We have over 20 years of knowledge to offer our customers with current best design and manufacturing practices. DCT-70 Ouvrir le lien Engineering company DCT-70 specializes in consulting the design of die casting dies for aluminium, magnesium and zinc alloys. The company is based on a rich 10-year experience in high pressure die casting and in the right direction of education. We offer our services worldwide, we support companies in English, Spanish and Polish. Talbot Associates Ouvrir le lien Talbot Associates, Inc. Can Help You Meet Your Specific Type of Casting Need: Die Casting, Investment Casting, Permanent Mold Casting, Plaster Mold Casting, Ceramic Mold Casting and Sand Casting in all metals & alloys for all industries. Magic Precision Ouvrir le lien Magic Precision was founded in 1998 by Hsih-hao Huang, a seasoned entrepreneur in the manufacturing business and a graduate from Stanford University, to address the rapidly growing needs for high quality aluminum die casting, magnesium die casting, zinc die casting, and related manufacturing services from low to medium volume order customers. We are backed by a family with over 40 years of experience in the toys and power tools manufacturing business. Toman Die casting Ouvrir le lien Toman Die casting Queensland P/L has been operating since 1984. An Australian owned company, Cathodic Diecasting specializes in the manufacture and supply of anodes to the corrosion protection and plating industries. Our anodes range from large anodes for oil rig platforms down to anodes for cray/crab pots. We supply anodes for ships, yachts, marine motors, tanks, hot water systems, etc. and all are available in either Aluminium, Zinc or Magnesium. Metal Products Ouvrir le lien Metal Products, Inc., established in 1983, is a California based, Independent Sales Agency. Metal Products, Inc. is the Premier West Coast Sales & Marketing Agency Representing World-Class Manufacturers of Custom-Engineered Metal Components for Advanced Industry Applications. Our specialties include Casting, Forging, Machining and Fabrication for the Aerospace, Defense, Oil & Gas, Semiconductor, Power Generation, Medical, Automotive, Industrial and Consumer Markets. Magnesium Ouvrir le lien Components made from magnesium alloys have always played a vital part in many STIHL chainsaws and power tools. So that STIHL's high quality standards could be assured in the long term, STIHL set up a magnesium diecasting plant in 1971 and it was not long before leading manufacturers in the automotive and electrical engineering industries also came to rely on diecast precision "made by STIHL". As one of the largest and most modern magnesium diecasting plants in Europe, with a staff of over 700 highly motivated men and women, we are already optimally prepared to meet tomorrow's requirements. GF Casting Solutions Ouvrir le lien GF Molding Solutions is one of the leading solution providers for lightweight components in the transportation and energy industries. As a future-oriented company, we strive to promote innovation in the field of casting and additive manufacturing, and hope to play a leading role in sustainable development and mobility. Nortech Inc Ouvrir le lien Nortech Inc. provides world-class solutions for your automation, assembly, and contract manufacturing needs. Consider us an extension of your engineering, and manufacturing operations. Our breadth of experience allows us to support our clients�� projects from concept to completion, and everywhere in between. Nortech Inc. has been designing and fabricating Industrial and Commercial Electrical Control Panels, and Automation Systems, for a multitude of industries/applications, for over 25 years. We are known for our technical expertise, well designed fabricated Motor Control Panels, Automation Systems, complete documentation, and quick response. DING CHI INTERNATIONAL PRECISION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Ouvrir le lien Located in Sanchong District of New Taipei City, Taiwan, DING CHI INTERNATIONAL PRECISION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has been applying its rich experiences and professional techniques to the commitment in developing various quality Aluminum, Magnesium and Zinc alloy die casting molds and the production and manufacturing of die casting products, since its foundation in 1999. The products can be applied to a wide range of applications, including Aluminum, Magnesium and Zinc die cast shells of LED Lighting, Computer Components, Industrial Computer ICSN Ouvrir le lien ICSN engineering division provides electrical, mechanical, and industrial services which focus on design development and modification for improved performance of the machines and products. Ford Atlantic Ouvrir le lien Ford Atlantic can provide you with everything from the simplest basic casting to the most intricate, pressure-tight precision parts. Our full-service capabilities make Ford Atlantic your one-stop casting resource. We can serve as a single source of responsibility for everything from tooling to precision machining, finishing and final assembly. Outsource Asia Industries Ouvrir le lien Outsource Asia Industries - OAI has been providing excellent outsourcing assistance and customer service since our establishment in 2000.Specializing in general fabrication, metal stamping, wire forming, powder metal parts, injection molding, precision machining, stainless steel investment casting, steel/iron sand casting and general/custom wood working, we have established several networks of manufacturers from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and USA. IBEX Ouvrir le lien IBEX Engineering started in 1998, is a young, fast track TS 16949 / ISO 14001 / OSHAS certified manufacturing company based in Bangalore, India, the emerging global hub for outsourcing. A team of trained engineers and skilled technicians operating under a strict quality and delivery universe, make Ibex a one-stop, full service operation for all your Aluminium Die Casting / Gravity Die Casting / Magnesium Die Casting and Precision machining needs. Badger Metal Tech, Inc Ouvrir le lien Over 25 years of experience in die materials, metallurgy, and manufacturing make Badger Metal Tech the reliable resource for die and mold maintenance. North American Manufacturing relies on Badger Metal Tech to provide comprehensive "Preventative Maintenance Programs" for die casting, blanking/stamping (HSLA applications), and draw forming dies (HSLA applications). Maximizing tooling life and enhancing performance are one of the keys to controlling costs and saving energy. DCZ Ouvrir le lien Die Casting Zinc Parts Company. A Zinc Die Casting Company. Manufacturers these days lean more towards the zinc die casting process because of the versatility that zinc die casting company parts have. Such zinc parts, zinc die casting parts can come out in any shape, size, and texture that the customer specifies. They are known to have notable dimensional tolerances and multiple finishing options. Aside from the wide array of choices (as far as zinc part die casting design is concerned) that die casting zinc parts offer, these zinc parts are also known to have exceptional longevity. This is because the zinc die casting process produces parts that are stronger than those earlier produced by its predecessor, the plastic injection molding method. Armstrong RM Ouvrir le lien Our company manufactures metal and plastic components in prototype and low-volume production quantities. Whether it is 1 or 5,000 parts, we deliver production-grade components and assemblies that meet your demanding delivery schedules. John Russert & Associates, Inc Ouvrir le lien Our team is comprised of experienced professionals with a common goal of providing superior manufactured products and services to our customers. YOUR success is OUR success, and we recognize that our future is dependent on being able to meet every need of your manufacturing business. Our focus is to improve total cost and quality, add value and improve delivery time to help our customers keep up with current industry demands. SCI Manufacturing Ouvrir le lien SCI Manufacturing is a full-service die casting facility. Offering aluminum and zinc die castings, we manufacture miniature to large precision components utilizing hot and cold chamber die casting technologies. Our knowledge, and experience combined with structured project management, supports customers from concept, through rapid prototyping, tooling and pre-production, into full-scale manufacturing. LINCOLN INDUSTRIES Ouvrir le lien Lincoln Industries is the largest and most diverse privately-held metal finishing company in North America. We develop technical solutions that move our customers forward by bringing their visions to life. Cost Effective Technology Ouvrir le lien Cost Effective Technology can help you find competitive, high quality solutions to your castings and other custom component needs. We work with many different casting processes, including: sand castings, die castings, miniature die castings, investment castings, permanent mold castings, graphite mold castings, plaster castings, V-process castings. We also have quality manufacturers for: plastic injection molding, plastic vacuum forming, plastic extrusions, precision machining, short run stamping, progressive die stamping, wire forming, and springs. Vogel Sales Associates, Inc Ouvrir le lien VSA, Inc. is a Manufacturer's Representative Agency focused on selling custom designed components primarily to Original Equipment Manufacturers. We are based in Chattanooga, TN and have been servicing the southeastern states of AL, GA, MS, NC, SC, and TN since 1991. We offer Domestic sources as well as Off-Shore sources with warehousing located across the U.S. - drastically cutting down lead times. QUALITY METAL FINISHING CO. Ouvrir le lien Founded in 1947, Quality Metal Finishing Co. has grown from a regional business to a leading global producer of decorative zinc die casting and metal plated products. With over 70 years of experience delivering superior value and quality to our customers, QMF continues to innovate in the marketplace. Our facility now spans 180,000 square feet as we have added capabilities to eliminate waste and reduce cost to maximize our customer��s value. This award-winning modern facility is fully compliant with environmental standards intended for the safety of its team members as well as the community. Simmons Group Ouvrir le lien For over 50 years, The Simmons Group has specialized in establishing long-term, efficient business relationships throughout the Pacific Rim for major OEM buyers worldwide. Our staff of professional project managers handles all aspects of sourcing, purchasing, production and shipping for you, the buyer. Simmons services are incorporated into a program tailored to meet your specific needs. contact

  • CAMEL DIE | Die Casting Mold Factory In China

    OVER 10 YEARS OF DIE CASTING MOLDS BUILDING DIE CASTING MOLDS FACTORY OUR PHILOSOPHY REDUCE COST We focus on building quality die casting dies and trim tools to help the customer save costs for many years. OPTIMAL CYCLE-TIME It's Our job that develop and build dies that support best-in-class cycle-time, part quality, and the longer die life. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Our engineers fully understand the mold industry and how to communicate effectively with your clients. EASY MAINTENANCE We deeply believe that good mold maintenance ensures a longer mold life and smooth production. HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTION More than 10 years of experience work in the mold industry, Build over 240 sets of molds per year. SHORT LEAD-TIME 100% Export business from China to Europe and American, Professional shipping personnel to solve various cross-border transportation services. TEAM CO-DESIGN We communicate with the client about each specific matter and then meet to discuss the design plan until the best plan is reached. AVOID RISK We strictly control each phase of the processes and conduct staff safety training to ensure safe work and reduce processing risks. PROJECT MANAGEMENT We operate every step in strict accordance with or even beyond industry regulations and ERP system process specifications. 24/7 Hours Online Pre-sales Service 1. Request For Quote 2. Design For Manufacturing 3. Flow Simulation & FEM 4. Mold Design 5. Engineering Work 6. Quality Control 7. Sampling 8. Inspection Report 9. Maintenance 10. Shipment Global After-sales Service ABOUT US SHENZHEN CAMEL DIE LIMITED is a professional die casting mold manufacturer and supplier founded in 2009, China, provides high-quality die casting mold design , stable mold development , and mold production export from China to North America & Europe. One of the worldwide leading mold manufacturers specializing in high pressure die casting (HPDC) mold build in-house. Currently, our factory has 15 sets of CNC machines and the primary material covers aluminum alloy , zinc alloy , and magnesium alloy . In addition, one-stop manufacturing service for all industrial applications, such as automotive, telecom equipment, electrical appliances, mechanical, motorcycle accessories, lighting, home appliances, medical instruments, aerospace, and machinery industries, etc. Our first factory located in Dongguan city with 5,400 square meters for mold building , supplies a capacity of around 285 sets per year. And the second factory, estimated in 2019 located in Huizhou city with 6,100 square meters to make tools and dies about 240 sets of large molds per year. Essential equipment for die casting mold manufacture including CNC, EDM, WEDM, Fixtures, CMM, OMM, die spotting machine, oil temperature machine, and mold trial machine. ​ We are also ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certificate plant. ABOUT US OUR PERFORMANCE 97.14% On-Time Delivery 240 Sets Average Annual Capacity 24- Hours Hotline Service 9 Locations Global After Service Contact

  • High Pressure Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Mold |

    What is HPDC - Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Molds Aluminum alloy die castings can be used in a wide range of industries. Like: Motors, water pumps, electrical appliances, lamps, automobile and motorcycle accessories, electronics, home appliances, and some communication industries, machinery industries, etc. Some high-performance, high-precision, high-quality aluminum alloy products with high toughness are also used in large aircraft, ships, etc. In relatively demanding industries. They mainly used still in the parts of some equipment. Aluminum die parts have thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, good cutting performance, small linear shrinkage, so it has good filling performance, low density, high strength, and its tensile strength to density ratio is 9-15. It works at high or low temperatures. At the same time, it also maintains good mechanical properties and has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Commonly used aluminum die casting alloys metals grades: ADC12,A380/ADC10,A360 etc. ​The Main Physical of Aluminum Alloys As Below: ● ADC12 has good fluidity, is easy to casting, and has relatively balanced properties; it is the most versatile die-cast aluminum alloy and is often used for parts with low-performance requirements such as auto parts, communication cavities, power tools accessories, and medical equipment. ● A380/ADC10 has good fluidity, is easy to casting, has a higher silicon content, and is better than ADC12 in mechanical properties and high-temperature resistance; it is mostly used in engine brackets, gearbox housings, valve bodies, etc. ● A360 has good forming performance, corrosion resistance, fatigue strength, and medium static strength; it is mostly used in instrument housings, street lamp brackets, etc. The aluminum die casting parts can reach a tolerance : Standard: +/- 0.010 inch per 1 inch — then +/- 0.001 inch for each additional inch Precision: +/- 0.002 inch per 1 inch — then +/- 0.001 inch for each additional inch Aluminum alloy die casting mold life: around 100,000- 300,000 shots for a die casting die life depend upon the part/tool design and the Tool steels used. ​ Commonly Mold Steels Used: H-13, H-13, ESR, Assab 8407, Bohler W302, and Assab 8418. etc. CAMEL used Die casting machines for mold trials ranging from 280 tons to 3000 tons.( 280T, 350T, 500T, 800T, 1250T,1650T, 3000T), Our capability from tooling design to build dies about 12-15 sets of big die casting dies per month. As of 2020 business data, There are over 60% of die tool projects for aluminum alloy die casting molds in CAMEL. CAMEL is a company specializing in high-pressure die-casting molds (HPDC), and currently has 12 years of experience in the mold industry. The main products include aluminum alloy die-casting molds, zinc alloy die-casting molds, and magnesium alloy die-casting molds. From tools design & build to die casting parts pre & mass production, meanwhile including surface treatments service based on customers’ requirement, such as Plating chrome, Plating Tarnish, UV Coating, Powder coating, Painting, Anodizing, Blacking, Impregnating, etc. We are ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certificated company. Capabilities: Currently, We occupy 54,000 square feet with a workshop plant located at Huizhou City, And another plant 49,000 square feet workshop plant located at Dongguan City, China. Quantities of Major Machines: 15 sets of CNC Machining Centers 5 sets of EDM Machining 2 sets of Wire cutting 2 sets of CMM 2 sets of Projector 2 sets of Spot machine Take care of all projects according to the mold projects management system. DFM (2 days) Moldflow Analysis (24 Hours) Mold Design (2-3 days) Weekly Tooling Schedule Mold Trial Mold Shipment Die Casting Molds We Build: Trimming Die High-Pressure Zinc Alloy Die Casting Mold High-Pressure Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Mold High-Pressure Magnesium Alloy Die Casting Mold Free Quote & Part Analysis → contact

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