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What is High Pressure Zinc Alloy Die Casting Molds

The zinc die casting parts can reach a tolerance: 0.01mm~0.03mm as a requirement. It can be used in a wide range of industries. Like: Toys, lamps, decorations, Auto parts, Electromechanical parts, mechanical parts, electrical components, etc. Zinc alloy material with a low melting point, good fluidity, high strength, high hardness, high precision, and stability.


Zinc die parts have good thin wall capability for mass production, and high corrosion resistance. Therefore, zinc alloy die casting is an ideal alternative to many industrial component materials.


Commonly used zinc alloy grades: Zn 1#, Zn 2#, Zn 3#, Zn 5#, Zamak8#, etc.


The Main Physical Characteristics Are As Below:

Currently, We occupy 54,000 square feet with a workshop plant located at Huizhou City, And another plant 49,000 square foot workshop plant located at Dongguan City, China.


Quantities of Major Machines:


  1. 15 sets of CNC Machining Centers

  2. 5 sets of EDM Machining

  3. 2 sets of Wire cutting

  4. 2 sets of CMM 

  5. 2 sets of Projector

  6. 2 sets of Spot Machine

Zinc alloy dies casting mold life depends upon the part/tool design, as well as the Tool steels used.

Commonly Mold Steels Used: H-13, H-13, ESR, Assab 8407, Bohler W302, and Assab 8418. etc.

Zinc Die Casting Die
Zinc Die Casting Mold

Take care all projects according to mold projects management system.

CAMEL has been provided zinc die casting molds from custom zinc die casting tooling to middle-sized zinc die casting parts production, meanwhile including surface treatments service based on customers’ requirements, such as Plating chrome, Plating Tarnish, UV Coating, Powder coating, Painting, Anodizing, Blacking, Impregnating, etc. We run all metal products under ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016.

Die casting machines for mold trials ranging from 280 tons to 3000 tons ( 280T, 350T, 500T, 800T, 1250T,1650T, 3000T), Our capability from tooling design to build dies about 12-15 sets of big die casting dies per month.

  1. DFM ( 2 days)

  2. Moldflow Analysis (24 Hours)

  3. Mold Design (2-3 days)

  4. Weekly Tooling Schedule

  5. Mold Trial

  6. Mold Shipment

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