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What Old Customers Say About CAMEL

CAMEL has served many well-known international companies for more than ten years and has been well received by customers. Next, I will show one of the original words of the customer:

Dear Leo,

I hope this message finds you and you are Okay!So, CAMEL made 6 complicated and significant tools for us and these molds were caught as a main at NOVA Project.

I would like to make few conclusions about the last cooperation between us.

First of all,thanks for the great support that I got from Delia,Emily and Cassie!

Each one assisted and assists us in the perfect way with a lot of patience,Professionalism and kindness.

Cassie takes command and care in the middle of 2020 and continues to bestow us with an amazing approach- well done for entire great staff you have!

All of these tools worked very well at CAMEL and continue to work well here in Israel at our site.

My and management are satisfied with the cooperation and will make it deeper with new future projects.

I remember,Leo,during a mutual lunch I asked why did you called your company“CAMEL”,You have responded me that because of animal characters like endurance,survival,strength, etc.

So,I am sure you have today a strong company as you imagined it due to the investments and professional staff you build and continue to build.

Thanks again for all and have a nice day!

Regards to all team members that take part for Amiad Projects!


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