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CAMEL Development

With a background of a profound understanding of the requirements of export quality

molds to European and North American companies, and the observation of frustration which takes place when overseas purchasers encounter failure from negative experiences working with unprofessional suppliers in the south of China, as well as when quality did not match with pricing, projects being delayed, poor communication in English, lost contracts with suppliers, etc., CAMEL Engineering was born. Since 2009, Simon and Leo - as founders who established CAMEL Engineering as a professional engineering company in Hongkong and work place in Shenzhen city - have only one purpose, which is to provide international buyers the best engineering service for export molds without misunderstandings of the standards of mold making, and to offer the best quality and excellent lead time.

The world financial crisis still affected many local companies seriously in 2009, causing the majority of their business to be reduced over 50-60%. Even more, some factories had to shut down in 3 months to avoid a cash flow break in this “economic winter”. During this time most customers slowed down their projects’ development, as it seems like everybody was waiting anxiously for the “spring” to arrive. CAMEL was not thinking of ideas to control operating costs like the other companies were, but rather stayed busy with improving and upgrading its own project management system and how to offer better service. We believe that opportunities always exist and favor the prepared company.

CAMEL’s business was not affected too much during this time, not only because of good luck but also because our workers deeply realized the critical situation we were in and dared not to slack off in communication, manufacturing, and lead time, while doing our best to provide more solutions and analysis for uncompleted projects, supporting customers to win more trust from our hard work, etc. Finally, more and more projects commenced and were delivered successfully to different countries. In 2012, CAMEL invested 60% in one of the biggest mold suppliers in South China, aiming to take the opportunity to focus on the automotive, lighting, and communication industries, working more closely with some larger companies and stepping forward one step at a time to the big development of our company. Two years later, CAMEL was able to take over 100% of the shares and management in this mold shop and subsequently moved to the second location in Dongguan, China.

In 2017, CNC quantities increased from 5 to 9 sets and we became an ISO certificated company. At that time, we had 60 workers, including 6 professional mold designers and 32 skilled mold operating workers. Certain of our long-time customers have kept working with CAMEL since 2009, and they became the most valuable assets for CAMEL’s growth. Staying focused on each step is still the working philosophy of our company - focusing on more professional investments in our project management system, employee internal training system, and customer service system. Any one of these areas determines the growth of CAMEL and our customers’ success.

CAMEL considers these as a stable iron triangle, not afraid of any difficulties and the belief that the most brilliant future is within our reach, one step at a time.

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