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Mold Debugging

After the mold is installed, you need to do relevant inspections before you can open the mold for debugging. Be careful during the debugging process. The machine action should not be too large at a time, otherwise, the mold will be easily damaged when there is an abnormality, especially if there is a core pulling device and a reset mechanism Mold.

1) Adjust the clamping force according to the process regulations and the machine manual.

2) Select a reasonable machine action program according to process requirements.

3) If you need to pull the core first and then open the mold, check the hydraulic core pulling system, whether the oil circuit is smooth, whether the core-pulling action is smooth, and whether the core-pulling position sensor is working properly (after the core-pulling can be performed after the mold is opened an examination).

4) Check the overall installation and tightening status of the mold.

5) Open the mold slowly, and stop immediately if there is any abnormality (to avoid mold damage, you can click to open the mold).

6) When the movable template stops in place, adjust the ejection device of the machine tool to ensure that the ejection distance is reasonable.

7) If there is no abnormality, open and close the mold slowly several times. During the process, pay attention to observe whether the movement of the machine tool and the mold is smooth and normal.

8) After the reliability is confirmed, add lubricating oil to the movable parts, and then open and close the mold to check to ensure that it works normally.

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