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Die Casting Process Design and Die Casting Process


Die Casting Process Design

Die casting process design is an important part of die casting production technology, mainly involving die casting process requirements for the shape and structure of the casting, the technical conditions of die casting (technical requirements), the process performance of die casting, and die casting parting surface determination.

Design Of Die Casting Mold

The Die-casting Process On The Requirements Of The Structure Of The Die Casting

Die casting quality, in addition to the impact of various process factors, the structure of its parts process (reasonable) is also a significant factor, such as the location of the parting surface, the design of the gate, the layout of the launch mechanism, the accuracy of the guarantee, the type of defects.

The type of defects and their degree, etc., are closely related to the structure of the die casting process itself (reasonable). Die casting structure affects the design of die casting mold structure and manufacture of difficulty, production efficiency and service life, and other aspects. The reasonable die-casting structure can shorten the product trial period, reduce production costs, ensure product quality, improve production efficiency. Therefore, the die casting shape structure should strive to be simple, especially to eliminate the inability or difficulty of lateral core extraction of the internal side concave, simplify the mold structure, and improve the service life of the mold.

The main issues to consider when designing the structure of die casting are as follows:

To help simplify the mold structure, extend the life of the mold

1) castings at the parting surface should try to avoid rounded corners

Rounded corners increase the mold's processing difficulty and make the rounded corners of the mold strength and life have decreased. If the dynamic mold and fixed mold are slightly misaligned, die-casting rounded part of the easy form a step The appearance will be affected. If the structure changes to a flat shape, the parting surface is flat and easy to process, avoiding the above shortcomings.

2) to avoid internal side concave

Die casting internal flange and bearing hole for the internal concave structure, core extraction difficulties, the need to set a complex core extraction mechanism or fusible core. As a result, it increases the complex shape of the mold and processing volume and reduces production efficiency. However, if the inner concave structure changes to a non-internal concave structure, the difficult core extraction can be solved, and the mold structure can be simplified.

3) Avoid crossed inaccessible

Crossed not through the hole must use a higher tolerance fit of each other crossed cores, increasing the amount of mold processing and strict control of the order of core extraction. Once the metal liquid is in the gap of the crossed cores, it will make the core extraction difficult. If the crossed not through the hole to avoid crossing the inaccessible structure, you could avoid the core's cross, eliminating the shortcomings mentioned above.

4) to avoid partial thinning of the mold

Casting structure because the hole edge from the flange distance is too small, easy to make the mold insert fracture. If the die casting to a local ≥ 3mm structure, the insert can be made with sufficient strength, thereby improving the service life of the mold.

Conducive to reducing the extraction of core parts, improve the structure of the mold

Reduce the parting surface is not perpendicular to the core part, reduce the complexity of the mold, and ensure the accuracy of die castings. The depth of the square hole in the center of the die casting is deep, the core distance is long, requiring a special core extraction mechanism, the mold is complex; plus the cantilever core into the cavity, easy to deform, difficult to control the sidewall wall thickness uniform. The use of an H-shaped section structure does not require core extraction, simplifying the mold structure.

Conducive to core extraction, convenient casting mold release

Die casting structure due to the core by the tab obstruction can not be smoothly extracted core. If the shape of the die casting suitably modifies to a structure conducive to core extraction, when can smoothly extract the core.



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