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Structure, Classification, And The Design Of Pouring/Gating Systems


The metal die casting mold pouring system is the channel to fill the die cavity with the molten metal liquid inside the die casting machine press at high temperature, high pressure, and high speed.

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High Temperature, High Pressure, and High Speed

Gating System And Types

It includes straight sprue, cross sprue, inner gate, and overflow exhaust system. In the process of guiding the metal liquid to fill the cavity, they play an important role in controlling and regulating the flow state of the metal liquid, the speed and pressure transfer, the exhaust effect, and the heat balance state of the die casting mold, etc. Therefore, the pouring system is an important factor in determining the surface quality of the die casting and the internal microstructure state. At the same time, the pouring system has a direct impact on the efficiency of die casting production and the life of the mold.

The design of the pouring system is an important part of the die casting mold design; it is necessary to analyze the structural characteristics of the die casting from the theoretical point of view, but also to have the practical experience of the application of the die casting process. Therefore, the design of the pouring system must take the method of combining theory and practice.

1. The structure of the pouring system

The channel where the metal liquid fills the cavity under pressure is called the pouring system. The pouring system is mainly composed of straight sprue, cross sprue, and internal gates. According to the form of die-casting machine and the introduction of metal liquid casting mold casting system composition form also has not hot room, vertical cold room, all vertical and horizontal cold pressure chamber several.

2. The main content of design of the pouring system

① according to the die casting size, quality (weight), and the positive projection area on the parting surface, and according to the actual situation of the field equipment, selected the type of die casting machine used, model, and diameter of the chamber. When the choice of vertical cold chamber die casting machine or hot chamber die casting machine, but also choose the appropriate nozzle so that the nozzle shape and pouring system to adapt.

② die casting dimensional accuracy, surface and internal quality requirements, bearing load conditions, pressure resistance, sealing requirements, etc., in order to carry out a comprehensive analysis to determine the location of the metal liquid into the cavity direction and flow state.

③Analysis of the complexity of the die casting, structural characteristics, and processing datum, combined with the selection of parting surface, determine the overall structure of the pouring system and the main dimensions of each component.

④Analyze the flow of metal liquid and determine the position of the overflow tank and exhaust channel.

⑤ Determine the suitable mold temperature adjustment measures according to the influence of the metal liquid flow on the mold temperature.

Design Of Inner Gates

The inner gate is a section of the sprue from the end of the cross sprue to the cavity, which is a channel to guide the molten metal liquid to fill the molding cavity at a certain speed, pressure, and time. The function of the inner gate is to introduce the metal liquid into the cavity in the best flow state according to the structure, shape, and size of the die casting to obtain a high-quality die casting. Therefore, when designing the inner gates, the main purpose is to determine the location and direction of the internal gate and the cross-sectional size of the inner gates, to anticipate the flow state of the metal liquid during the filling process, and to analyze the possible dead corner area or the air wrapping area, so as to set up effective overflow and exhaust slots in the appropriate areas. Since there are many factors affecting the internal gate, it has the greatest influence on the quality of die casting, so there are many design options.

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