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How Much Does a Die Casting Tool Cost?


The cost of a die casting tool has two main parts-mold and cavity processing. The cost of the tool is mainly controlled by the size of the die casting. The larger the part, the larger the tool and the higher the cost. The cost of machining the cavity is almost affected by all aspects of the part geometry.

The Size Affects The Cost

The main cost factor is the size of the cavity that must be processed, measured by the projected area and depth of the cavity. Any other elements that require additional processing will increase the cost, including the number of features, parting surfaces, edges, tolerances, and surface roughness.


The Materials Affect The Cost

The cost of the tool will be affected by the life of the die casting tool, and the life of the mold will be affected by the number of die castings and the materials we use. For example, a material with a high casting temperature, such as copper, will result in a short mold life. On the other hand, zinc can be cast at lower temperatures, which can lead to longer mold life. This effect will become more expensive as the number of production increases.

The Side-cores Affect The Cost

The last consideration is the additional cost for the side cores. However, the number of directions can limit the number of cavities that can be included in the mold. For example, a mold that requires 3 side core directions can only contain 2 cavities. There is no direct cost increase, but using more cavities may further save costs.


Our capabilities

CAMEL offer to die casting tool and high pressure die casting tool design; Our die casting tool solutions include tooling for aluminum, magnesium, and zinc die castings for complex products such as automotive components, medical equipment, and machinery parts industrial manufacturing. Accurate design and high-speed machining capabilities ensure superior die casting tool performance.



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